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Me and my horrible moods

hello Gang


I am having issues with me folks that everytime when I am down or when I am agitated  not only I get a lecture  butthey threaten to me to put me alway in hospital!!!!! I haven't felt normal lately, what ever that is!


What been happening that I have been in really black mood and any little makes me blow me top. My folks are afraid of letting me go out by myself as if people are nasty to me I'll blow or thump em. I have very volitle for past few weeks and it no fun. I happen to know that there is such thing as invoulentery admitssion  into hospital and It means a long stay there  and I am not very please about the fact that my folks are thinking of putting me in there!!!!



 [everytime I blow at anything]

Re: Me and my horrible moods

Hey Snuffles 


It is terrible that you are going through this with your parents. I think it is normal to have conflict in family relationships and there are ways you can work through this with you parents just have a read of this factsheet and it might help you.


I think your parents are worried about you and they are trying to find ways to help you. It is terrible that you are going through some anger issues at the moment and I find what helps with my anger is exercising, talking and going quiet for a bit to work through things so that way I dont lash out at anyone. If you want to work on your anger there is a great factsheet with ideas on how to deal with anger, it might help. 


I think it is also important to tell your parents about how you are feeling and that you are not pleased with how they are dealing with this. 


Hope that helps and I hope you find ways to cope Smiley Happy

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Me and my horrible moods

Hey Snuffles,


Normal isn't a real thing, it isn't normal for a girl not to like dresses or a guy to like football. Just like it isn't weird to be active during stormy weather or sleepy during sunny. People perceive normal and weird in their own way and as I like to say, "What if your perception of normal is weird, and your perception of weird is normal?" 

Sometimes when I'm going through some things the littlest things tick me off. I can go into a rage because my brother won't turn down something he's watching in his room, or if something doesn't go my way. It's completely normal to get mad at things. But like rue said, it is important to talk to your parents, maybe they can try a different strategy. Also, you could try Smiling Mind (I don't know how links work, sorry). It helps with mindfulness and perhaps it could help with your anger. Just remember breathing is the key. It helps, I know from personal experience that after I get angry and storm into my room, I sit and breathe, kind of like meditation and it calms me down. Then I leave my room and, if I can, address the problem in a different manner or just stay in my room. It all depends on you. 


I hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: Me and my horrible moods

Thank you for your replies...... Yes I have tried talking to me folks but they are in old school teaching, elders know best thing. Plus I am always wrong no matter what I say, they always gotta be right.


Plus  I gotta admit I had a few bit  hard knocks  in life and when parents trample on you when times are hard makes me irate.

Re: Me and my horrible moods

Hey Snuffle-nose 


My parents are old school too and when I feel irritated by them I just walk away or go silent and just wait until things have cooled down and that usually works for me but I do understand how it can affect you though. 


Finding an outlet is really important like writting how you feel or exercising or something just to make you feel better Smiley Happy


Is there something you can do that can help?

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**