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Meeting people similar to me

I really want to meet new people to basically make a friend. I haven't had any type of friendship in a long time now. The only thing is I find it hard to connect with and keep a friendship with "normal" people. I'm 18, in uni and I suffer from depression, ADD and anxiety. (I've checked out the uni clubs and they are all shit)
My ADD and anxiety really do get in the way when it comes to meeting new people. I was thinking a good place to start was meeting other people who suffer from similar things cause there's that level of understanding. But how do I do this.

Re: Meeting people similar to me

Hi @friz! Thanks for sharing a bit of your story.


It sounds like you have a lot on your plate with uni as well as looking after yourself. It can be really difficult to then find the time (and energy!) to meet new people, especially when the process is an overwhelming one.


It is great that you have reached out so you can start the process of meeting new people. Like you wisely said in another (super supportive!!!) post, it takes small steps to get the ball rolling.


You might be interested to take a look here, where RO has put together some information and videos about meeting new people. It might be a good start which you can then expand on.


If you want to, let us know if there is any particular tip or info that sounds good to you. We can help you work through some of it if you want.


Also, you could head over to our games and hanging out threads. You have already made some super supportive and encouraging contributions to this community!!! We would all love to get to know you more throughout the RO forums Smiley Happy


Do you have any goals for the holidays?


You've mentioned that you are studying and would even like to do a second degree in the future! What is your subject area? Smiley Happy


Also, many of us here are big YouTube and gif fans. What sorts of things do you like to watch on YouTube to unwind?



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Re: Meeting people similar to me

Though my advice to you doesnt specifically. 


My general rules of making friends are:


More the merrier. There are heaps of ppl that arent looking for friends. Dont put all your eggs in one basket and get disappointed that that one relationship didnt flourish. You will eventually be able to tell when someone wants to make new friends.


Giving and listening. Give and dont expect anything in return. Say nice things and do good things for others. Anyone and everyone.


There are heaps of resources online you can search. Search conversation starters and search for how to make good first impressions etc.


Lastly, I use to have a lot of problems making new friends then I started to become better and better at it. For most of this year Ive been ill and havent seen much of my friends let alone make new ones. Thing is Im not too fussed about losing my friends cus I know I can always make new ones and that the good friends that like me will always stick around.


Take care and glglgl


EDIT: Good places to start are facebook pages and