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My psychologist wants to help recover the memories I lost through childhood trauma but I'm uncertain if I should or not. Should I try recover my memories? 

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Hey @Tammy6879,


Ultimately it's up to you - you know your situation better than we do and so we can't make any specific recommendations Heart


It might be worth chatting some more to your psychologist about this if you're feeling unsure? You have a right to make an informed choice regarding your treatment, and things can be especially tricky when it comes to trauma therapies (Wikipedia has an article explaining this a bit more). Wanting clarification or a second opinion before committing to something is totally okay, as is trying something and then stopping it if you don't feel it's working.


Regardless of what you decide, we're here for you Smiley Happy

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Re: Memories

Thank you

Re: Memories

Hi @Tammy6879


That is a hard one, at least for me. There are pros and cons but there isn't a clear favourite between the two. You can ask other psychologists their opinion, try help hotlines as they have psychologists and you can just quickly ask them.


There are a few questions you can ask yourself on whether you should or shouldn't. How traumatic is the experience? Do you think remembering it will help you recover? Would you be able to handle trying to recover those memories? 

Re: Memories

Hi @Tammy6879, thanks for bringing this up! 

I agree with some of the suggestions above to seek another opinion if you're unsure. 

Processing trauma can be a very challenging experience, and it's really important that you feel safe and ready to do so. If you're not sure, maybe it's best to wait, or ask another mental health professional. 

Specifically around recovering memories, I think this is something that you might want to look into further  before engaging with it in therapy, as it is a contested practice. 

Let us know your thoughts, and how you're doing Smiley Happy

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Re: Memories

I'm going to be recovering my memories when I move houses (approx. 2-3 months) so that I'm away from my Father. Being away from him will allow me to process the information better.


Re: Memories

@Tammy6879 good thinking to plan ahead a time when it will be most suitable for you to start this process. 

We'll be here to support you the whole way through Smiley Happy

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Re: Memories

hey @Tammy6879

well done for making that decison, i really wish you the best and we will be here for you whenever you need.

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