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Moved: Lonely and confused

Hey! Uhhh so im new here and i dont yet understand the platform totally so excuse my bad etiquette.

I just left high school and started a traineeship and im really lonely. I have no friends and its getting hard finding the strength to get up and do stuff everyday. I like to say that im a lump. Im on meds and sometimes other meds mess with my current ones and i become increasingly more depressed....

Anyway im just trying to figure out how to make friends. And how to become a normal human i suppose and breach my socially awkward bubble.

Yeah thats about it ✌

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

Hey @Kitty_cloud thanks heaps for posting, you'll be glad to know you're not alone Smiley Happy Quite a few members on ReachOut also struggle with loneliness either due to circumstance or mental health - a whole bunch of reasons. So you're not alone in the loneliness Smiley Happy Do you think you're feeling lonely because you've started a new traineeship? A bit of a shift in life?


Loneliness  comes and it goes as we move through different phases in life - not easy. The thing I find really helpful is thinking about stuff I love to do. I really enjoy boxing, so I joined a boxing gym. Inadvertently over time you meet people with common interests and friendships form Smiley Happy Some of the members on RO have also mentioned the website meetup, have you ever checked it out? I will tag some other RO users and see if they can share their wisdom too!


@redhead @N1ghtW1ng @Asche @scared01

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

Thanks @Bree-RO

I think im feeling lonely because i have no social group. I have my family but no one to really chat with. 

The new environment and change has taken a bit of a toll on my anxiety and im constantly feeling out of place? I find it really hard to explain how im feeling and my thoughts im sorry. 

I have heard of meetup but its so confusing. I dont really understand internet stuff. Even though im young im really old school in that sense. Maybe thats why i dont click with people my age? 

Anyway thanks for replying 😊

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

Hey @Kitty_cloud definitely understandable that a new environment would make you feel a bit out of place. How long have you been in the new environment for?


Can you recall a time whereby you did feel a part of a social circle?

And one last Q! What do you enjoy doing i.e. hobbies etc? Hope I haven't overwhelmed you - just trying to get a little more insight for the community Smiley Happy

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

Hey @Kitty_cloud Welcome to RO!
As the amazing @Bree-RO ask what do you like doing or some of your favourite things? 
Finding people that like the same thing is a great start to forming a friendship,
always here to talk! Heart

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

hello @Kitty_cloud and welcome to RO

it can  be quite loneley not having a social life with friends. i dont have friends either but im glad youv got your family to talk to, not quite the same though is it. 


as both Bree and Less have asked what your hobbies? maybe you could join an interest group? 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

So @Bree-RO i have been at this new workplace for three weeks now. I know its a short time and i should give it a while to settle in but i literally just finished high school and feel so out of place in the world. I have never really felt like i belonged somewhere. That is belonging im a place or group. I just constantly feel like I'm fighting the world alone. 

I have never had any friends. I was bullied a far bit in high school and bellow and i never clicked with anyone. 

I really enjoy art and reading. I bake a mean cake too. Im a crafty artistic and creative person. I love animation films, most Disney but i can also go for some walking dead or supernatural Marathons. I like to walk but because im underweight its not such a god idea to at the moment. 

Thank you for keeping up with me 😊

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

Hi @scared01 and @less123321. Thanks for replying it feels nice for someone to take notice of me even though it feels like im complaining about my life. 

Your right @scared01 its not the same. Family is great but i feel like i need a friend. Someone to help me escape from home when im not doing so well. Someone outside of the five people i live with. I love my family but sometimes i feel like im boxed in. 

I really enjoy art, baking, reading, walking. Im vegetarian too so i have that interest. Im not really sure what else. I feel too young and inexperienced to know my likes and dislikes. 

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

hi @Kitty_cloud seems we have a lot in common. i was bullied in high school alot too. its hard to make friends when that happens isnt it. im sure youll make some more friends in your new traineeship.

i love art and baking and walking too oh and reading. lots in common

we have heaps of thread here to do with art and reading and heaps of other things too. take a look around and maybe use the search function and see what comes up. your most welcome on any thread Smiley Happy

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Moved: Lonely and confused

Thanks so much for the advice @scared01Smiley Very Happy