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Moving out for University

So I’m currently having a gap year, but next year I plan on studying away in a student dorm with 6 other people. With the year coming closer to an end, I get more and more anxious about living on my own for the first time, living in the city being a country person and living with 6 other people I have never met. At first I was optimistic that I would be able to adapt, but now I worry that the people I live with will be mean or not friendly with me, or that being in such a loud city instead living in my house which is more in the country, will end up making me feel really depressed and isolated. I’m worried that one day I will be walking later in the afternoon and I will get mugged, or that the people in the city will be cruel or rude. I’m also worried I won’t be able to make any friends. Does anyone have any tips of how I can make sure my transition goes well? 

Re: Moving out for University

Hey there @anonymousgirl101, I understand this fear and I'm sorry it is making you feel anxious.  I moved from my country town to the city to study for uni four years ago and had the same worries. However, it has been one of the most rewarding and fun experiences of my life. In my first week, I organised to participate as many of the uni events as possible, and organised to do lots of activities with my corridor (I lived at uni accommodation). I was so busy that I didn't have time to worry, and I had so much fun. I know everyone's experience is different, but I think a little distraction can help anyone. I also suggest you watch some youtube vlogs about moving to uni (mainly australian ones) because they can make you get a better feel for what actually goes on. 
I also read a few forums about moving out of home into a share house and all the dos and donts, which made it easier to visualise living there. Transition periods are tricky, but they are also very exciting. 


I am really proud of you for taking such a positive step! 

Re: Moving out for University

hey @anonymousgirl101!

I completely understand how you are feeling, I was exactly the same way when I first moved from the country to the city. 
It can be a little bit scary at first and I definitely got a little homesick, but university gives you the chance to branch out and meet heaps of new amazing people. Don't be afraid to talk to people in your course, chances are they are just as nervous as you are! 

Re: Moving out for University

Hey @anonymousgirl101


It's definitely understandable you're feeling anxious. Doing anything for the first time by yourself is quite daunting. Big life changes are very scary. Honestly, I don't know what your roommates will be like, I know you're think the worst about them but the average university student is chill. 


Maybe living in a more crowded place will have a good effect, maybe you'll feel lively and energetic. The tips I can give you is write a list of what you think might go wrong and think of solutions to those problems. This you make the issue seem less confronting and overwhelming if they do arise. 

Re: Moving out for University

hey @anonymousgirl101, I moved out at 18 and have been living in dorms with other people since then, so I can relate to what you are feeling! I imagine the transition must be even more jarring since you are coming from the city and not used to urban living. 


In terms of making a good transition, I think this would be a really good time to reflect on what personally helps you feel the most safe and confident when making life changes. Some people like concrete, logistical things such as having a plan for things and knowledge of the area, while other people feel better with emotional or personal support. Irregardless, some things that are always helpful are:


1) knowing your tenant's rights and the housing laws in the area you are moving to. A lot of young people can get pushed around (not that I'm saying it will happen to you!) but it might make you feel better to know that if you are being treated unfairly, you have a certain measure of power in how you can respond and that you definitely don't need to tolerate it.

2) perhaps joining a local FB group of the area? Where I live in Melbourne there are lot of little FB groups for people in certain suburbs and it's a great way to get to know the people living there and being socially connected in general. 


As someone who's lived in cities in different countries their entire life, I can say fairly confidently that people in cities are friendly/approachable at best (especially in Australia) and indifferent at worse. Keep us updated on your situation and I hope what I've said helps a little!

Re: Moving out for University

I think it was a typo at the start but if not I am coming from the country to the city, not the other way round. Thank you for your response though, its really helpful.

Re: Moving out for University

That is a very helpful tip thank you I will try that.