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Re: Moving out of home

Hey @queenP how are you going this week?

Moving out of home is definitely one of the most stressful and daunting things in someone's life and is a very important step in 'adulting'. That being said, it is also a super exciting time in your life! I moved out of home when I was 18 years old from a town of about 100 000 people to Sydney which has about 5 million people. Here's some things that helped me get through it:


Stay connected to people you love. 

Whether it's through weekly phone calls, sending memes to each other or just plain old pen and paper snail mail - staying connected is super important and helps a lot with feeling homesick or lonely. My relationship with my parents definitely grew stronger at this time because I spoke to them a lot and it was really good to hear their advice on whatever I was dealing with at the time. 


Budget and schedule.

You mentioned that you're pretty organised, write all of your bills/expenses where you'll see it everyday. Get rid of the stress by paying it off when you can and not by leaving it to the last minute. Spending 5-10 minutes paying off a bill you know you can pay off now will save you a lot of worrying later. 


Family meals!

Staying with your sister is such a blessing. Maybe schedule a family meal once a week or a couple times a week so you guys are able to connect and just catch up. It's a good opportunity to bond and maybe learn some new recipes to add to your repertoire as well! 


Home decor.

I'm not sure about you, but I became a huge home decor lover when I moved out of home. I could finally decorate my room how I wanted! I find that when my space was clean, tidy and had my aesthetic touch to it - I would really flourish and feel centered. It doesn't even have to be expensive, Kmart/Target/Op Shops have some really cute things that you can do a lot with. 


I wish you good luck with the move Woman Very Happy

Re: Moving out of home

Hey @queenP! Smiley Happy
Just wanted to know how the new house is going! I hope it hasn’t been too stressful..
I’ve missed you!

Re: Moving out of home

Hi @Bananatime04, thanks for checking in! The new house is going really well. It took some work getting all of our furniture in, and then it took some getting used to living without my parents, but things are good!




Re: Moving out of home

I'm glad it's all going well @queenP! I hope you like the new house. It sounds like such an exciting time for you and your sister! Smiley Happy

Re: Moving out of home

Great to hear things are going well @queenP! Smiley Happy