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Moving out

I'm a recent high school graduate who'll be finished with HSC exams by November and I need help. I love my family, don't get me wrong, but I feel suffocated in my own home. I'll be sharing a room with my kid sister next year as an adult, I haven't been allowed a part time job during high school because it would 'distract from my studies', my parents control everything I say, do, watch etc and I can't cope with it for much longer. I need to move out but I don't know how I'd do that without a job or money or anything. Can someone help?

Re: Moving out

Welcome to the forum @gracesquared thanks for opening up here about what's been happening for you. It does sound very tense and stressful. It seems like you're so close to finishing but you're feeling a big lack of independence which is necessary for moving out etc. Since you're still at home, finding small ways to cope for now would be very very important. The bottom line is, if you've made up your mind to move out, then you WILL get there. It honestly really does sound tough so don't misunderstand me with what I'm about to say. I would suggest that despite how bad it gets at home with the control and lack of freedoms, remember it is temporary. Focus on what you DO have from this situation (even small things like a warm bed or food etc). Like you said, you do love your family so that's important to focus on too. I'd be gathering/guessing that your folks show their care by control and that's hard. 


Some people rely on various forms of government assistance to help with rent/bills etc. If you go onto tertiary education you can contact the institution for support too. You can look up share house situations that can be very cost effective. You can start looking for Christmas casual jobs after your schooling as a start too. The point is, this IS possible. For now though, it won't help to overthink and over plan when first you need to actually get through your exams. 


It will be good to hear what others might think and have to say too. Let us know how you go!

Re: Moving out

Hi @gracesquared,
How are you doing?
As @TOM-RO mentioned, there are a lot of different options in which you can get help if you choose to move away from home. I can relate to that very much and I actually am hoping to move interstate to get a bit of distance. Sometimes a bit of distance is healthy in relationships especially if you feel a bit suffocated or overwhelmed.
You can always check out Centrelink to see if you are eligible for any of their loans/grants/allowances. If you are planning on going to university, some student accommodation services have some really good support systems in place welfare wise and I've come across a few that offer discounts for students with financial hardship.
I think it takes a lot of strength also to make that decision. Have you spoken to your family about this? If they are supportive of your decision, it could really help reduce many stresses you may have Smiley Happy I hope all works out for you.