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Moving out



I am 22 years old, and SO excited to move out! I bought my first home about 20 days ago, and have spent time up until now renovating it. I have lived with my parents for my entire life. When all of my friends moved out to college I stayed home to work on my career and to save money. I am moving all of my stuff in next weekend. I’m excited, and feel very empowered that I was able to do it all on my own. With that said I’m so sacred to live alone. Especially knowing I’ve lived with my family forever. How should I deal with this anxiety? 


Re: Moving out

Hi there @Mackcarr17, thanks for coming onto the forum to talk about what's been going on for you! 
It's so common and understandable to be anxious about leaving home for the first time - it's a big transition, and a big change to what you've been used to your whole life.  

We have a great article here on moving out of home if you want to check it out - the main things to take away for you I reckon are to plan ahead (which it sounds like you're all over!) and to remember that it takes time to adjust. It may feel weird for the first few days, weeks and months... with with time, you'll adjust to your new normal! 

I think making sure you have a plan around keeping in regular contact with your family - maybe planning a dinner for them to come over in the first week or so - and friends, will be important for you to feel supported and connected. 

I would have a plan as well for anytime that you feel lonely, or afraid - maybe have a few friends or family members numbers handy to call, or invite over. Or a good playlist or movie in mind to put on. What do you think?


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Re: Moving out

@Mackcarr17 congratulations on buying your first home!
i definitely don't blame you for being anxious about living alone for the first time, it's a huge change, even if you're also looking forward to it.
@gina-RO's advice is really good though! Keeping family and friends close might make the transition a bit less daunting (house-warming is a good excuse to invite a couple of friends over Smiley Tongue ). Do you know if a friend/family member might even be willing to stay over a night or two to help you settle in?
Hope your preparation is going well Heart 

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Re: Moving out

@Mackcarr17 it's a big congratulations from me too! How exciting Smiley Very Happy

It's understandable to be anxious at the same time, though. What do you think of @gina-RO's and @ecla34's ideas? Smiley Happy
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