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My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.

I just wanted some advice on how to break this habit. I know its gross, and whatever I've already had those lectures. And no matter what anyone does I can't stop. That nail polish crap doesnt work, it tastes manky and I just makes me not want to put it on. I just want to do bite them soo much that nothing stops it. Like I don't literally want to bite them I wish I could stop but its more of a subconcious want. I do it without realizing when I'm hungry, watching movies, bored. I've been doing it for 12 yrs.


Anyone who's going through this aswell lets chat. Or you can give me advice or ideas.


Re: My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.

I hear you endommage, I used to bite my nails and stopped that by moving onto biting my cuticles! It makes my hands look disgusting and I always have gross torn up skin around my nails. Even when you decide to stop doing it, its that unconscious habit that sneaks your hands back into my mouth when you aren't thinking and before you know it - chewed to shreds.


I did find that taking up an interest in nail art made me less likely to bite my nails. If I had just spent half an hour painting them, I didn't really want to ruin that nice manicure.


Re: My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.

Hey Endommage,

I've never personally experienced biting my nails. But I pick at them all the time, I can never grow them long. But because the distance between the cuticle of my nail to the tip is long people always say I have such long nails, but in reality they don't get much past my nail bed before I pick at them to shorten them...

Anyway back on topic, I know there is this stuff you can buy that is supposed to stop you from biting your nails, I'm not sure if your tried it or not but if you haven't it might be worth giving it a shot.

As Elle said painting your nails might help too, I know it deffinately helps me when I'm wanting to pick at them, if they are painted I don't want to ruin the look...

Another idea I've just had is to try and figure out why you bite your nails, you said you do it without realising, when you're hungry, watching movies and bored.... Maybe when You notice yourself biting them do something to distract your mind from biting your nails. Maybe chew some gum? Or chew on a straw?

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.

Hey endommage,

My mum was a CHRONIC nail biter for over 35 years (she stopped 2 years ago). Hers was normally when she was anxious. It made her nails look gross and she used to always hide her nails from view.

It is really hard to stop biting your nails, but you CAN do it. First off you need to have the confidence to stop biting your nails. Believe in yourself. Without believing in yourself, it won't happen!

Next you need to try and work out WHY you bite your nails and what you can do instead of biting your nails. So if you are hungry - have a piece of fruit instead or chew some gum or have a mint. If you are bored, find something else to do that will ease your boredom.

When you get the urge to bite your nails, tell yourself that you will wait 5 minutes and hopefully the urge will pass in that time. Don't beat yourself up if you don't succeed, it will take a lot of practice to break the habit. Start with 5 minutes, then stretch it out to 10 minutes and finally the urges will pass.

For mum, it also helped to paint her nails. I have a HUGE collection of nail polishes so she really enjoyed going through my collection and finding a nice colour that suited her mood at that time. About twice a year, we also shout ourselves a manicure and pedicure. Smiley Happy

Also, another thing that might help is to find some pictures of really nice nails on the internet and have them hanging up in places where you normally bite your nails. That way you can remind yourself of what your nails could be like if you stop biting your nails! Also something that helped my mum was concentrating on growing a couple of nails first - so she started off with her little nails - she wasn't allowed to bite them, then after a while she wasn't allowed to bite the whole of one hand... It just broke the steps up a little bit. Smiley Happy

Good luck - it's a hard habit to break, but if my mum could do it after 35+ years, I'm sure you can do it too!

Remember not to beat yourself up though - we all have our "weird" little habits. Smiley Happy



Re: My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.


Isn't that how the nail-polish stuff is meant to work, by having you not like the taste? I think you should try it again, just be a bit more resolute on it. Don't give in to the voice in your head serving your taste-buds and nail-biting need, perhaps if you decide to do it at a time when you don't want to bite like right after you've eaten.

I'm like Bee,
I've never been a nail biter but I pick at my nails, luckily what I do doesn't make them look bad, but I've still been trying to stop it. I realised I usually do it when I'm nervous/uncomfortable and sometimes bored. Knowing when/why I do it has helped me cut it down a lot, as I'll realise I'm doing it and can remind myself to do something else and figure out what's going on.
Pretty much what Bee and mischiefmanaged said about working on the reason why.


Re: My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.

I'm the same- had all the lectures and it made no difference, of course!

The nail stuff didn't work for me either- I ttried it for over 2 years!

Good luck with stopping- I hope you can beat it in the end! Smiley Happy


Re: My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.

My mom took the shape of my teeth with a special dental material, we sent it and I got special transparent retainers for my teeth. when I wore them I couldn't bite my nails anymore, it took me about 7 weeks to stop biting my nails at all.
If you still bite your nails maybe check it out it helped me. 


Re: My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.

Hi @ray2000,


I can see this is your first post here, welcome to ReachOut!
I'm really glad to hear that this is something that has worked for you and that you have found helpful in addressing the nail biting. 


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Re: My Silly Unbreakable Nail Biting Habit.

Hey @endommage,

I have the same problem! I honestly try so hard to stop biting them but my willpower cannot defeat my teeth. I found when I first got braces I couldn't bite them because my teeth hurt so much. I was like, "Yes! Finally!" and then alas, my teeth stopped hurting and I started biting them again. It's taking a while but slowly I am biting them less and less, I usually do it when I get nervous (It's holidays so it's all good!!). Just really really set your mind to it! I have tried the nail biting nail polish stuff but I just bite it anyway lol!

How is it going? Have things improved?