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My hair colour is ruining me

I feel so angry and depressed. It has only been two weeks since the start of term 4 begun, and I'm already being targeted. Again. After my topic "Why won't they stop?" I felt like I was in control of the bullying. Things settled down for a while. Until I earned myself the nickname match-stick. A boy who is friends of a group who used to bully me is now having a go at me whenever he can because I have white skin and bright red hair (red dye).


It started out okay at first. I was sitting at my usual spot with my friends when a girl who has a very dirty mouth (I talk to her because she has no friends and is always on her own at lunch) came over to my group and sat down next to me. My friends hate her and they kept glaring at me accusingly, like I had brought the girl here. Anyway, she told me that this boy (I mentioned him earlier) was calling me match-stick every time he sees me. He says "Ooh, look! There's matchstick! I'm going to drag her across the ground until she lights up!" The girl asked me if I wanted her to go and say something mean to him. I said she could but I laughed and told her that I was joking. I went back to reading my book. Soon after, the girl came back giggling. She told me that she had gone up to the boy and called him a "black bitch" and she said that I said that he was. (He has dark skin). I was horrified. I will never call someone that even if I hate them so much, because I am totally against racism. I was furious at the girl. About less than a minute later, the boy and a large group of his friends (thugs) came over and stood in front of me and called me matchstick and they gave me death threats and they all said stuff like "quick! grab her and drag her across the fucken concrete". I ignored them and kept reading my book. Eventually they became bored and went of to start a fight somewhere else. My best friends didn't even stick up for me. One of them was sitting right next to me, and she claims that she has no idea that I am being bullied. This has happened 4 times now and I am pissed off. For some stupid reason I burst into tears last night and told my parents everything that happened. On Tuesday, the principles are going to talk to me about it. I want to dye my hair back to plain brown but my parents think that I shouldn't. Now everyone calls me match stick as I walk past. My hair has caused me nothing but trouble, how can I change what happens to me?

Re: My hair colour is ruining me

Hi @mlang166, that all sounds very stressful and upsetting, especially since things had started to settle down and you were beginning to feel more in control.  I'm really glad the principal has been made aware of what is happening and has agreed to meet with you to discuss it on Tuesday.  I hope this will mean that things will settle down again for you.  Bullying is absolutely not okay.  I can understand why this might make you want to change your hair back, but I can also understand your parents' perspective of staying true to yourself and not feeling the need to change to stop the bullying.  In saying this, either option is okay and it is ultimately up to you.  Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend to take your mind off all of this?

Re: My hair colour is ruining me

I have spent time with my grandparents who're from Adelaide and we made cards and talked. ( I love art). I'm back to school tomorrow and I am worried that the boy who was touching me will try again since he has tried last week. It was in HPE but he did it on purpose. I was standing on my own, waiting for the game to start when he looked at me, rolled his eyes and poked out his tongue and tried to wipe his hands over me and brush against me. Seriously, my mum thinks he has a crush on me now. I told the teacher and he said that he'll keep an eye on the boy.

Re: My hair colour is ruining me

That's good @mlang166 I am glad you had a chat to a teacher. Being touched is only okay if you're okay with it. You're not okay with this, so it's not okay. Simple as that. This is actually a really big deal, so if the teacher doesn't take it seriously you can take it further if you need to to feel safe. Let us know if that's the case and we can help you with some options Smiley Happy 

Re: My hair colour is ruining me

Hey @mlang166


I agree with @Ben-RO, If you are not okay with being touched, it is not okay. And I am super glad you reached out to the teacher and that they said they would look out for it. 


Just wondering how school went?

Re: My hair colour is ruining me

i talked to the principle yesterday and i am still being called matchstick. the boy i mentioned earlier has been suspended with his friend. they haven't been at school since i was first called machstick. which is almost 2 weeks ago.

Re: My hair colour is ruining me

hi @mlang166 im glad something is being done about it

bullying of any sort is not on so dont be afraid to speak up! 

we care about you here Heart

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: My hair colour is ruining me

@mlang166 It's great you spoke up! You should be proud of yourself!! 


Just checking up to see how everything else is going? Smiley Happy