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My heart hurts

It's been a month since I broke up with my ex girlfriend. Even though I know it's not meant to be she told me when she kissed a guy and the dates they were going to Seattle for a trip. It's this weekend and even though I have her completely blocked from my life I'm still hurt She's with someone because Seattle was some thing we wanted to do together. It hurts and I feel alone sometimes

Re: My heart hurts

Hi @Eric it's understandable that you would feel hurt at the moment. You've found out your ex has been with someone else and there's the reminder of the trip that you mentioned. Please know you're not alone, everyone at RO is here to support you through this.


Have you been able to chat to any of your friends about it? 



Re: My heart hurts

Yes @Erin-RO, I feel like a mommas boy but my mom is the one I've been telling everything too. I've talked to my friends but it gets a point where I don't want bother them about it or I feel they would get annoyed. Honostly, the thought of her being intimate with someone else just boils me up and causes pain in my heart. The thought of being intimate with someone else just repels me right now for how much I did care for her. So it hurts she moved on so fast when I can't even date without hurting  at the moment

Re: My heart hurts

I think it's a good thing that you feel comfortable talking with your Mum about what's going on @Eric 


And I guess everyone has there own way of getting through things, so try not to take your ex's behaviour personally (although I know it would feel very personal). Perhaps try to focus on some self-care strategies that you can do to make yourself feel a bit better?