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Re: My story; bullying.

Hi Cassy,

I'd really recommend giving Kids Helpline a call if you haven't already - that number again - 1800 55 1800. Not just regarding the bullying but also about leaving school and talking to your mum about it.
I know it can seem really hard at times to open up to anyone about what you're going through and to worry about the burden that might put on them also, but your mum, or another adult you're close to would be able to provide a great support to you that it sounds like you really luck.

Take care!

Re: My story; bullying.

Hey Cassy

I actually was bullied when I was in primary school and I never told my parents, only told them after years and during the time I was bullied I was so unhappy and very secluded and I was suffering inside because I thought I was ugly, unwanted and feeling like that really messes with you. I wish I had told my parents so that they could help me deal with it rather than suffer in silence and deal with it alone. It is so much harder

I was afraid to tell them too and that was because I didnt want them to think that I was weak but asking for help shows ur strength, have you thought of telling other family members that you can talk to and maybe they can tell your parents if you want them to?
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: My story; bullying.

Hey Cassy. I got bullied a lot in high school - like with a lot of girls it wasn't direct - it was the stuff you talk about. Rumours and whispering and exclusion type stuff. (In the long run it has an awesome impact on my resilience and independence but that's another story..)

My point is that I spoke to my Mum.. I originally went in with a different excuse about wanting to change schools because I didn't like a teacher or a subject or something.. but eventually we got to the bottom of it.

I changed schools for Yr 11/12 it was a great decision for me personally. We all grow up & change during school so to start afresh in Year11 when most people are more mature and leave some juvenile crap behind can be really good.

All that said you should not have to change school because bullying is NOT OK! Here is some more info that will help, please check it out:

I hope you find a way to talk to you Mum. Ringing the helpline is also a rad idea: 1800 55 1800