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My trans boyfriend is on his period

So I starting going out with this guy who turns out is transgender. We have been dating for a couple weeks but he just got his period and being so weird. I don’t know how to handle it. I got him some chocolate though and he seemed to like that, but still seems extremely uncomfortable al the time. I just wish I could help.

Re: My trans boyfriend is on his period

Hey @Terw1324, welcome to the forums! I'm so glad you're here Smiley Happy. I'm not entirely sure if this applies to your boyfriend, but generally trans males get frustrated/uncomfortable when they get their periods because it makes them feel less masculine. Since females only get periods, it, therefore, wouldn't make any sense for males to get them, right? Maybe that's why he's feeling uncomfortable about getting his period? Sending hugs of support - you sound like a great partner for coming on here seeking advice on how to best support your boyfriend Smiley Happy.
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Re: My trans boyfriend is on his period

Hey there @Terw1324
It’s awesome that you’re trying to help out your boyfriend while he is on his period, @Esperanza67 is right, being on your period while also being male makes can make trans masc people feel less masculine and more dysphoric than usual. One thing that might help your boyfriend is for you to just be there for him and making sure that he knows you don’t think any less of him.
Also, please remember to take care of yourself as well, it can be draining when a person close to you is struggling but it’s super important to take care of yourself first ❤️