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NDIS - social stuff

Hi there, I have just started NDIS, and I was wondering out of curiosity what sort of social activities did you do because now you have NDIS funding? Or what do you do to socialise and meet new people in general (even when you don't have ndis funding? E.g. what sort of groups like bookclub, join a sports team etc. 

Re: NDIS - social stuff

@keezeik NDIS can be hard to navigate..


I do a riding for the disabled program which I think counts as a social activity. 

I also have support workers and OTs who come out with me to stuff like cafes and restaurants, which is funded by the NDIS.


More generally I do volunteering and art classes.

I found my volunteering position a few years ago on this website:

You can find positions relating to a whole range of interests on websites like these.

Re: NDIS - social stuff

Hmm thank you - did you find you met a lot of people through that? E.g. Art classes ad such? Also do you have any good recommendations for any organisations? Smiley Happy


Re: NDIS - social stuff

Hi @keezeik! I'm glad that you've been able to start the NDIS. Smiley Happy We're still waiting for approval for my sister.

Our situation is different, but I've heard that you can get funding for a support worker to help you attend activities such as concerts, courses, the library, sporting and community events and outings.

My sister was able to do some activities with other patients at the hospital that she goes to and she's also been able to find a lot of online groups based on her interests. I'm curious to know which other social activities she'll be able to participate in if she gets funding for that.

I have made a lot of friends through volunteering. Hospitals, for example, are always looking for volunteers. I found a lot of positions being advertised just by looking around on websites of local organisations. Another good site is
You may need a Working with Children check and a Police Check before you start volunteering for some positions.
I've found that the best places to volunteer have had experience in having volunteers before, are organised and properly train the volunteers.

Re: NDIS - social stuff

@keezeik I met a few. I'm very shy and incredibly introverted though, I don't make friends very easily irl, but if you go there with the goal of meeting new people, chances are that you will.


I don't know too many volunteer organizations, so I'd suggest just looking for one with a volunteer role that you think you'd enjoy. 

Re: NDIS - social stuff

@keezeik I found another good site for finding local groups and events in your area here. Smiley Happy

Re: NDIS - social stuff

Hey @keezeik I can't say anything to the NDIS side of things, but I've found that things like volunteering have helped me to meet people, especially if it's volunteering related to something I'm passionate about e.g. writers festivals or mental health organisations.

Alternatively, if I'm somewhere there'll be new people and I'm nervous about starting conversation/talking to them, I try to have one or two questions lined up that everyone can answer, such as "What's been your favourite part of the week?"


What are some groups/activities you might be interested in joining? Smiley Happy  

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Re: NDIS - social stuff

I think what I have decided to do is go to those community college courses and such because not only will I learn something, I will also meet other people through that. I have actually volunteered at this museum for about 3 years now, and have met some people - but not friends really. I am also going to join a group of people with autism (on of those organisations where I live).

Re: NDIS - social stuff

Awesome ideas @keezeik  I've joined those community courses and really enjoyed it. Would love to hear how you go with it Smiley Happy 

Re: NDIS - social stuff

I think that's a great idea @keezeik! I really hope you end up liking the courses and the group. Smiley Happy