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Need a friend

I really need a friend .. I even dont have one frined .. I feel very lonely all the time.. and its killing me.. I ve tried many time but maybe no one wants 2 be my friend.. no idea why.. maybe just bcz this country ppl dont like strangers.. whatever I do .. I feel like something x missing.. and I know whats that.. I dont have any friend.. if anyone feels the same.. then leave me a message. . I really really need a loyal friend.. 😭😭😢

Re: Need a friend

Hey @Jerryt, thanks for reaching out! Why do you think it's hard for you to make friends? What are you trying specifically? When you have a chance, have a read of this and let us know what you think?


Also, what country are you in? Unfortunately you've ended up at the Australian site. It's just that each country has it's specific support services and set-ups to help with issues and we don't want to give you the wrong information. Please let us know.

Re: Need a friend

Hey @Jerryt

It sucks that you are feeling lonely and moving to a new country can be very hard and it takes some time to make friends. When looking for friends what have you tried doing?
Like for example have you done some volunteering or met friends at school or work?
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Re: Need a friend

I'm in the same boat. Lost all my friends after high school. And now me being in uni this year, I really feel it. I've initiated by making conversation but it's never gotten anywhere. It really sucks. 

Re: Need a friend

Have you peeps watched this video we made? 

It's weird and awesome. 


What in there are you trying already? What haven't you tried? What do you want to try!?


Re: Need a friend

I hope you all will find good and long last friendships soon.
Speaking from my own recent experience.  I think being exposed to many many people can make it easier to meet new friends.

I know often I would put a lot of energy into one person to try and establish a strong relationship. A lot of times it comes off unnatural or there just isnt enough chemistry. 

Lately Ive joined a lot of social groups. This way there are a lot more peole you can interact with and hence more opportunity to meet someone that is open to a new friendship and also someone that you have a good chemistry with.


Good luck and keep trying. Lots of great advice you can get from RO.