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Need someone to talk to

If anyone else needs someone to talk to, I am also looking to talk. Just having a hard time with no friends to talk to. No friends in general, hope you understand!


Re: Need someone to talk to

Hi Kawana,

Welcome to Reachout. Smiley Happy There are lots of good people to talk to here. If you'd like to, you can introduce yourself and meet a few people on this thread:

Introduce yourself August 2013

and also, this thread can be fun for getting to know a few of the other people here by sharing some random facts about yourself:

5 Random Things

But... you posted in the Getting Help section, so maybe you're after a 1 on 1 talk with someone? There are some good options for that, like Kids Help Line, where you can call and speak to someone, or talk to them online via text chat (they help people up to the age of 25).
Kids Help Line


I hope that helps! If you'd like to keep chatting here, that's ok too. Smiley Happy




Re: Need someone to talk to

Hey there Quinoa.

Hope to see you around the forums!


Re: Need someone to talk to

Hi Quinoa - welcome to RO, there are heaps of people around that are up for a chat. You might like to try the Hang Out section Smiley Happy



Re: Need someone to talk to

Id like to talk anytime really, what about ?