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Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Yeah, job is going ok


Jobs are a bit of a strange environment, which I hadn't realised when I started.

People go about things differently in a job than any other social environment.


For example...

This week I held a meeting (my first), it was a bit nerve racking...

It was all about implementing workplace changes and how to go about doing so

At the end of the meeting everyone came out really excited about the plans discussed,

(they actually came up and told me so)

The conclusion was that we would implement these changes, once I had ironed out some details


So by this stage I was feeling pretty awesome about my job


Two days later, it was decided that we would scrap everything discussed and implement a different plan...

We now don't have a plan...


I was a bit shocked,

It seemed a pretty odd thing to do given that everyone keeps agreeing that we need the changes

But now when I think about it, it is pretty normal for a work place

and because of that it doesnt need a logical explaination.


So currently I am just getting use to all of the different senarios you get in jobs


Still learning alot! Still want to keep my job! Still trying to look after myself properly.

Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Hey Dys

Glad the job is going well, you will face some challenges but its great that you are learning alot and trying to take care of yourself. Smiley Happy

Hope everything continues to go well

Take care Smiley Happy
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Hey Dys,


Yeah the example you give is all too familiar to me. It can get really disheartening when you come up with a plan that you know in improve things but for reasons that you are not privy to it doesn't go ahead. I think the most frustrating bit is not knowing why. If you were given a clear explanation it might have been easier to accept. 


I think you should ask your manager about it, and see if you can get some reasoning behind it. But you will also need to get used to not always understanding the reasoning behind these decisions.


Anyway, keep making suggestions and holding meetings as this is the way to get ahead at work... even if you will occasionally get some knockbacks.