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New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

I am currently 7 weeks into my first full time job. I was really excited about it, but have recently realised that I am in way over my head. The position seems to require alot more industrial experience then I have. I havn't been trained properly as there person I have replaced has already left, and the company cannot afford for me to make mistakes, of which, I have made many. I don't want to loose my job, but I am stressing out alot about it...

I've been recovering for the last couple of months from a large mental break down. I've been doing really well, but now I'm anxious again, and seriously thinking about things that had hoped never to consider again. I can't go back there! Just the thought of loosing control, feeling completely worthless and not coping with life is making me freak out. I feel like there is nothing I can do about it. That it is inevitable... Feeling like I'm at the start of another downward spiral

Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Hi Dysfunctional. Welcome to the board… we're glad you're here!


I feel in over my head with my job a lot of the time, too. You're definitely not alone there!


In fact, I once had a job where there was no one before me in the role (it was a newly created position) and I was hired into an industry in which I had no knowledge (jewellery retail & manufacturing). To make matters worse, my manager had no idea about my job (I was the first member of a new digital department) or what I was supposed to do!


There was a lot of pressure on me and I had no idea where to start.


It took me about a month to really figure out what on earth I was going in to do every day. There were meetings, but all I could do was listen. There were questions, but I didn't have any answers. But I wasn't going to let that get in my way; I figured I didn't have anything else on the horizon so I should give this as much attention as I could.


I looked at my job description again; I listened to the questions that people were asking me and tried to put together a better idea of it. I took staff handbooks and training manuals (that didn't relate directly to my job) home with me so I could look at them before bed and get an idea of the organisation better. I did what I could to learn as much as I can… and I was slowly able to pick things up.

It took a lot longer than my employer liked but I don't think it's unreasonable for me to argue that they didn't provide me with much in the way of resources, so what else could I do?


I guess my point is that sometimes you just need to take a different approach to what's laid out before you. Break what you need to do down into smaller pieces, or create a list and work through it bit by bit.

In addition to those mentioned above, this article has some really great coping strategies. I wish I'd known a few of them when I started at that other job of mine.


I guess there's a couple of ways you can look at this: If you think there's even a sliver of a chance that you can get on top of it, it might be just the challenge that you need. But if you're genuinely worried that you might not be able to cope at all, don't push yourself beyond what is reasonable for your health - mental and physical.


What do you reckon?

Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity


It sounds like you're in a difficult position at the moment. I can relate to that feeling of feeling out of control when you're not sure what you're meant to be doing in a job and it feels too much.

Ultimately I think that your health should come first. It's important that you're well and it would be a shame for a job to get you off the track of recovery.

Is there someone you could speak to at work about the concerns you're having? And that you feel as though you need further training?

If this job is too much though, it's okay to find another job and other jobs will come up.

Take care.

Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Hi Dysfunctional 


Thank you for coming on the forums and you are definitely not alone, I can completely relate to what you are saying. I found what helped with my situation was talking to my manager and letting her know that I am trying but I would like help and support because I was feeling very overwhelmed and that took the pressure right off because I had talked about it so have you thought about speaking to your supervisor or manager about how you are feeling? 


Remember the positive, negative feelings tend to be a lot stronger than positive feelings but if you remember how well you have been doing and doing things that take the stress off like exercising, meditation, massage anything that you enjoy that relaxes you and brings you joy might help you get back up and stay positive. 


Take care of yourself and make sure that you give yourself a break 


Let us know how you go Smiley Happy 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Hey there (Not so) Dysfunctional,


I have an inkling that you aren't doing as bad at the job as you think. I have been a people manager for about 10 years and you seem to have a couple of great traits that I look for in employees: 


1. You clearly care about the work you are doing. That is such a good start. If your boss knows that you really care and really want to make it work - they will do everything they can to make sure you succeed in the job.


2. You can admit when you make mistakes. That's the first step to learning. And believe me, a lot of people can't even admit they have made a mistake and that is a much trickier situation. 


So I suggest you set up some time with your boss. Grab a coffee together or something casual, don't make it look like you 'think' you are doing a bad job. Then just say to your boss 'I'd really like some feedback on how I have been going at the job' and see what feedback they offer. Then if you have particular concerns raise them, but get some feedback from your manager before you start saying how bad you're going at the role. You might be surprised to find that the boss actually thinks you are coping pretty well.










Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Ok... Week 10 of new job...

I freaked out after my last post... at the thought of abandoning my job and looking for something new...

It seems that sticking with my current job was the lesser of two evils.


I talked to my boss, he reassured me that he was expecting hiccups with the new arrangement, which was a relief!

It has been a while since they have had someone new... It turns out that there are quite a few mistakes and holes in my training, which have been made very clear to the company though my role as their crash test dummy. One of my new roles recently, has been to report these mistakes and holes so as to improve the company's training and protocols. 

Am now feeling slightly better about my job!


Stressing over work and life is messing with my head...I think I just have a immense fear of not coping again... 

I'm hoping that if I deal with all the anxiety I have over my new job, it will be good practice in dealing with general stuff?


Current goals are

- Not to let work get to me... no matter how many of my hiccups the company sees.

- Don't loose my job... keeping it currently sounds better


Thanks for your replies! 

Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Hi Dysfunctional,

Great to see you back, thanks so much for taking the time to come back and update us about your job.
I'm really glad to hear that you're coping much better - it's great that you have a boss you could go to and they listened to you.

Take care!


Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Hey Dysfunctional,


Good on you for talking to your boss. It takes a lot of guts to do it, and it sounds like it has really helped and he has assured you that you aren't doing too bad after all. In fact if they have asked you to help them improve the training processes, I suspect it means your boss really likes you and trusts you.


In terms of worrying about relapsing into emotional instability - it is a battle, and nothing I say is going to stop you worrying about it. But you know, you should just take a step back for a minute and look at how far you have come in the last few months and how much you have achieved. You are getting stronger and the stronger you get the less likely it is that you will relapse. But if you do, you know that you will be able to recover, because you have done it before. 


And drop by here any time you like, when you are feeling a bit down. One of us is always not too far away  and up for a chat. 






Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

The best thing to do is to:


1) ask questions

2) listen

3) ask more questions


Re: New job and life security vrs recovery and job insecurity

Hey Dysfunctional, how is the job going? Are you feeling more settled in a couple of weeks on?