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Re: New member, looking for people to talk to please.

What's popping.


First of all, one thing that I want to you to know from the bottom of my heart I don't think your psychiatrist thinks your a burden in any possible shape of forms.


And secondly, I heard you wanna learn? 

Hot damn, let the nerd smashes you with a couple path ways that you might find helpful to take on.


First of all, universities may or may not accept you, and taking out a loan for tafe is difficult. So, here is a beautiful journey that you can take on for learning.


I assume you live in NSW, since I don't know much about other states. 


Step one: re-enroll in a public high school, from year 11. This might sound odd but it's totally free and you will be able to reparticipate in HSC again!!!!


It might take 2 years but let's treat it like a long drive! Enjoy your journey! 


Step two: finish your HSC and get an Atar (anything above 60 will do you good). It's not hard, if you need any study support/advice I will be here for you!!!


Step three: apply for university (if you're not sure what do you want to do, do an art degree so you can choose any major they offer). And by this stage you will be able to pick up hecs debt and rural help programs where everything will be FREE

 For you (I treat hecs as free) 


Step four: enjoy your time in university but not tooooo much


Step five: wake up tomorrow with a smile on your face no matter what is your choice and which path you're taking. 


Re: New member, looking for people to talk to please.

I live in Victoria actually, my Psychiatrist is from NSW.


I don't have any interest in studying, don't have the mental capacity for it anyway. But thanks. Definitely DON'T want to go to high school again after all the stuff I went through.


I'm a failure anyway in heaps of ways.


But thanks either way


Really depressed and struggling right now, need people to talk to please

Hi, I hope this is okay to post in this topic, otherwise moderators/admins, feel free to move it to an appropriate topic.


I'm really struggling right now. I'm on meds and I don't know if they're working, I started them on a low dosage at the start of the month and I'm waiting for my prescriptions from my Psychiatrist in the mail for higher dosages, which I'm scared about, like I have been with all previous meds and dosages I've had in the past.


I only see my Psychiatrist once a month, I don't have a Psychologist because of how they've treated me in the past.


I'll be seeing a new GP since as mentioned in another post, my GP is hopeless, and after this experience I'm scared to see another one.


I live in a small country town, 4000 or so people. I can't get a job, volunteer, meet people, nothing, I've tried everything and I mean everything. I applied for the DSP for mental health and waiting to hear back from them. I can't afford to study at TAFE and/or Uni and don't have the mental capacity anyway, and Centrelink won't help, hence me applying for DSP.


So I just spend my days at home online, walking the dog, colouring in, listening to music or out with my parents, in other words I have no life.


I'm really struggling, my Psychiatrist is great and I have no problem with him at all. But I told him I'm sorry because I feel like a burden and he said "you're not a burden, that's my job" in a kind, reassuring way with a smile. I should mention I see my Psychiatrist on Skype (Telehealth through this company) because he's in Sydney and I'm in Victoria which is a 6 hour drive, I'm not sure if he sees patients in person or not.


I appreciate my Psychiatrist reassuring me but I still feel like such a burden, like he has to do so much for me, although that's his job, but that's also my old GP's fault because she doesn't do anything and has no knowledge of nothing, and refuses to prescribe me meds (don't know why) so I was thinking of complaining about her.


I really don't know what to do anymore. I've talked to Beyond Blue, Lifeline, etc. and did a free Mindspot Course but Mindspot wasn't helpful in any way for me. I also purchased a book, haven't read it yet though since I'm not a huge reader, my Psychiatrist recommended called Beating The Blues.


Sorry that this post is long, I'd love and appreciate it if someone can read it and reply even if it's just hello, thanks.


Tayla (20 years old)

Re: Really depressed and struggling right now, need people to talk to please

Hey @Anonymous
I'm so sorry that everything's been... well... crap for you.

I'm not really at that age where I have to start focussing on jobs and stuff yet, but I am here if you need to talk.

Can I ask how often you Skype your psychiatrist?

Re: Really depressed and struggling right now, need people to talk to please

Hi @Anonymous, 


I'm sorry to her that you've had some trouble finding the help that you need particularly with professional supports, but I am very glad that you have found this community! Hopefully you will find the support here helpful Smiley Happy 


From what I can gather you seem to enjoy online communities. Have you found any other online communities to be a good source of support? This doesn't have to be a mental health forum like RO or BeyondBlue, but any sort of community. It might be helpful to join a fan group for the sort of music you like and make some online friends Smiley Happy

It might also be helpful to start some hobbies if you're looking for way to pass time. Things like cooking, making things, or crafts can often be very fulfilling, as well as a great way to make new friends. 

Also I just wanted to let you know that I've moved your post back to your original thread, just so that you can get the best and most concentrated support from our community. I've also Had to edit some details from your post that may be uncomfortable for others in the community to read


Re: Really depressed and struggling right now, need people to talk to please



I only see my Psychiatrist once a month. Too scared to ask him if I can see him sooner plus I don't want to make him uncomfortable and sound pushy and demanding and like I'm his only patient.


I understand his busy work and personal life schedule 


Re: Really depressed and struggling right now, need people to talk to please

Thanks and sorry about that.


I don't really have any interests at the moment. No I don't know any other online things

Re: Really depressed and struggling right now, need people to talk to please



From what I understand, it seems like you enjoy spending time with your dog. Have you watched those videos on YouTube where they train their dogs to do all sort of cool stuffs? Grab yourself a couple treats and try starting train your dog chasing his/her tail on demand hehe

Re: Really depressed and struggling right now, need people to talk to please

Hey @Anonymous 
sorry for the delay in my posts, I usually log off about 10 at night and then ive been at work so havent had a chance to log back in as yet.

That must be quite difficult having to go through a company as middle ground to communicate with your psychiatrist. I can imagine it might be a little tricky to be honest in an email wih all of that in mind.
Psychiatrists are great for medications, but as an extra support a psychologist is often good to have to speak to in between psychiatrist sessions. Im aware youve mentioned youve had bad experiences previously but im wondering if you have tried Kidshelpline? Kidshelpline also offers Free weekly counselling sessions with the same counsellor. You are able to do this through like a webchat or you are able to do it through a phone session. Do you think this is something you would consider as an extra support?

With medications, sometimes they can take a little while to work. They arent an overnight fix, most take at least 4 weeks to even get into your system properly. Then every increase in dose another 4 weeks to get into your system properly. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 medications to find the right one for you but youve got to start somewhere just like your already doing. Its quite slow unfortunatly which can be frustrating so we need to try and work out other things we find helpful. You said you havent got any interests as yet but I wondered if you would like to have a go anyway and see if you do enjoy it. I didnt think I would like crochet/knitting but ive now turned it into a part busissness, maybe something would pop up for you like taking some nice photographs and then selling them on to make some money or artworks etc.

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**