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Newly diagnosed and scared

So, I've been recently diagnosed bipolar and I know that my psychiatrist is still investigating whether I have borderline personality disorder as well. Feeling scared and unsure about these. I wish I understood these diagnoses. I am finding it really hard to get my head around it all, and I'm sick of it already. I don't know how to cope. Any suggestions?

Re: Newly diagnosed and scared

Hi SG, welcome to ReachOut.

Getting diagnosed can be really scary, especially if you aren't really sure what the diagnosis means. But look at the bright side - at least now everything you've been going through has a name and you can start learning how to deal with it. Are you just seeing a psychiatrist at the moment, or do you have a counsellor or psychologist too? Talking it out when you're feeling overwhelmed can relieve some of those thoughts that build up inside your head and make you feel a bit clearer. Lifeline (13 11 14) have counsellors available 24/7 to listen and help make sense of your confusion.


If you're interested in reading a bit about bipolar, Reach Out have a nice, concise fact sheet here, as well as a bit about personality disorders here. Don't be nervous to ask your psychiatrist questions too if they say anything you don't really understand.


I hope you can stick around and check out some other areas of the forum! A lot of us here have been through similar situations and we're all here to be supportive of each other.



Re: Newly diagnosed and scared

Hey SG,

ElleBelle has given some great advice. I'd definitely recommend checking out the factsheets and talking to your psychiatrist more if you have questions. Smiley Happy

I have friends who have Bipolar and also friends who have Borderline. And even though it was tough at first when they first got diagnosed, most of them were put on medication, have a psychologist but now hold regular jobs, have partners, have good friends and to anyone who didn't know their diagnosis, they wouldn't even guess they had any mental health problems.

So don't give up hope - even though you are sick of it now, I can tell you that you CAN feel much better just like my friends. Smiley Happy They still have tough times and their symptoms can flare up but with the support of their psychiatrist/psychologist/GP they are able to recover much quicker. Smiley Happy

Please ask your psychiatrist as many questions as you like, that's what they are there for, even if the questions seems stupid or irrelevant, believe me it won't be the strangest question they've ever heard!

Hang in there and well done on reaching out for help. Also remember a diagnosis is just a word... It doesn't define you completely as a person, it's just one aspect of you. Smiley Happy

Take care

Smiley Happy


Re: Newly diagnosed and scared

Hey SG. firstly you need to remember that almost everyone has something wrong with them whether its bad skin or asthma or anything else and its totally not your fault and it doesnt need to define you.  My dad has Bipolar and he has cared for me my whole life and been an amazing father and I couldnt imagine my life without him. Its just one part of a person. Also now that you have sought help ,im sure that everything will get much better, some really amazing people in society have bipolar and even some famous people like Angela Jolie. I have anxiety and some days I feel so ashamed of it ,but most of the time it just blends in to the back ground and if people love you they wont care if you arent totally perfect. but I know what you mean ,id much rather be a regular kid.  eat well and get lots of sleep and try to spoil yourself sometimes. I hope you are okay! Elly. Smiley Happy