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Every single night

I go to bed, I close my eyes, I go to sleep.

it starts off foggy but then it gets clearer and clearer until it’s like I’m actually living it.

Every single night

I have nightmares about suicide

im always the protagonist in these nightmares

Every night

its always a different way of suicide


im scared of going to sleep

im sleep deprived

i don’t know how to get rid of them

they won’t go away


i have suicidal thoughts every now and then but it’s like my subconscious is constantly having these thoughts 


im so tired but I can’t go to sleep

when I have these nightmares it’s like it’s actually happening


i need help

am I going crazy?


Re: Nightmares

hello @Jesssister2001
im sorry your having all these nightmares, do you think you could speak to some of your supports like psychologist, family, or even a helpline like headspace or kidshelpline?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Nightmares

Hey there @Jesssister2001, I have sent you an email

Re: Nightmares

Hey @Jesssister2001,
I'm sorry that you're having these nightmares, it sounds really tough to deal with. Like @scared01 mentioned, would you feel comfortable reaching out to any of your supports or a helpline?

Are you feeling safe right now?

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