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No idea what to do in life



This is a very common thing for most, but im taking it very seriously and im letting it get to me i have googled many ways to try and help my self and i know the basics but not really to sure what to do with my life.


bit a info about me, Im a 25 year old Australian male seeking lets get to the point a job that pays $1500 per week lets face it making a wage of $500 to $900 just doesnt make it in this world today.


I am not that smart i like to think i am by coming up with ideas but i never seem to follow through.

Im finding it very hard to try and think of away to describe what im going through.

I just want a comfortable life style, i want to own a home have kids and a wife.


My current life style is working as a Security guard averaging $600 to $700 per week but its not what i want to do im very depressed in my work environment i want something alot greater i want to start a business but i have no real interest in anything, I have been with my partner for 5 years now coming this January and she still lives with mum which i dont mind but i honestly dont seeher getting anywhere in life, she is now almost 21 years of age suffers from depression and very anti social, i do love her dearly and would never hurt her. and i have been seeking help and advice and all i get is you really just need to talk to her, as a couple you need more communication bla bla bla i know this it doesnt work.

she is very keen in listening but her depression is making it hard for her to succed in life.


I am not blaming this on her she is just a another section in my life the main goal is getting a job that pays good, im always broke im living with a mate atm and only paying $150 per week a bike payment of 243 per month and thats all.


I am willing to try anything when it comes to working as long as it pays good, people only dislike there job becuase either there not getting paid enough or the people around them. if people get paid and comfortable with there life work wouldnt be such a hassle.


People say money isnt everything i believe it is without money people cant be happy.

People say perfection isnt possible well i believe it can be possible if you work towards it.

I get very moody when i have no money very depressed all i do now is play xbox and work.


i know this is really common for everyone but who knows someone might suprise me and give me great advice.

there is so much more about my life i can explain but in a nutshell i just need advice

Re: No idea what to do in life

Hey @needhelp88 

Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I can hear how frustrated you are about your life but it sounds like you are very ambitious and that is an amazing quality to have in life. A good paying job is difficult to find and I can't give any kind of advice about jobs because I work in a job I'm not really passionate about but I am at uni as well and I do want to find something I love and work in that. Have you thought about going to university or TAFE and find something that you are passionate about? 


I want a comfortable lifestyle too and you are right, money is important as well as family and friends etc. It sounds like you have tried with your partner and you want her to do well but you feel she doesnt have any drive and I get the sense you feel she is holding you back a bit. Have you thought about taking a break and getting yourself together and see if you want to continue being with her? 


I know what it feels like to be broke and it sucks completely and I think that's why I'm a workaholic now because I dont ever want to be that broke again but have you thought about getting a second job, I know it would add more stress but is that something you have thought about? 


I know you mentioned getting moody because you play xbox and work, have you tried volunteering, it might help you get extra experience as well as get you out doing something positive and might help you feel a bit better about yourself as well?


It is really common, but what you are going through is important and it sounds like you are driven and strong and I think you will get through this and everything wont fall into place tomorrow but it takes one step at a time and coming on the forums is a great step forward. 


I may not have all the answers but I and everyone on RO is here to support you 


Let us know how you go 


Take care. 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: No idea what to do in life

I thank you for the reply, I have attempting a second job but my.main job requires on call and I can't let them down, a break with my Mrs would be a massive choice to make I don't think I have the strength to do so. I have given uni a thought but I have no idea what I should do.

It's very hard and I do hope I decide shortly as I'm getting older each day and I dont want the stress anymore

Re: No idea what to do in life

Hey @needhelp88 

I understand how difficult it is to end a relationship especially 5yrs and you can take your time write things down and maybe make a list of your goals. 


If you want to keep your mind off it all you can jump on tonight's infobus, just a convo we are having now. Hope you can join us.

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: No idea what to do in life

Hey @needhelp88 


Welcome to Reach Out!


Your post is really interesting. Money is such a massive issue to so many, myself included, it can be hard sometimes to know what the best approach is. It does sound though, that you're not super happy at your job at the moment. have you considered talking to someone about what some career options might be? A website like might provide some info regarding what kind of jobs are out there and what sort of experience and qualifications you need to get them.


Do you have an idea of what might interest you?

Re: No idea what to do in life

My biggest problem is not having any interest it's sad to say but I don't. Well my interest can't be used in the working environment such as gaming, or basic computers my knowledge is very low. I have search all job websites such as job search etc.... I want to run a business I don't want to end up work in a low paying job the rest of my life offence to people that are in one as long as your happy it's fine but I'm not I want something more... biggest problem no knowledge no money and no ideas when I try to describe how I feel and reply to all comments I feel like I'm making it impossible for me to accept all of your opinions but I have tried them all. I have no idea what I'm doing I honestly need someone exactly like me and just tell me what to do. I know this seems to good to be true and seems to easy and sounds like I'm not coming up with my own ideas but I'm over it I want something big and want something now.
Smiley Happy

Re: No idea what to do in life

I fill my self with fake laughter and happiness so I don't come across as sad or depressed I know there is people out there facing harder challengers and I don't want people to think thisguy has nothing to worry about he shouldn't even bother commenting. This is how I feel but I want to solve my matter right away

Re: No idea what to do in life

Hey @needhelp88 


It really sucks that you struggling to get by at moment financially. As a first year full time uni student (being full time makes it hard for me to find a job) living 600kms away from my family I understand how stressful it is to have no money and barely scrape by each week. I have personally found the websites and pretty helpful when it comes to job searches so if you haven't used these sites yet maybe take a look at them.


You said that your interests of gaming and computers will not be useful in your job search. Have you ever thought about taking a class at tafe or something about computers to help you apply your interests to your skills and qualifications? This could help you get a job in that area in the future. I know that tafe is an extra cost to what you are already paying for, however you said in your first post that you are willing to get any job that pays well. Maybe in the future when you find such a job that's when you can start doing some classes, so that once you are done you can change into a profession that really suits your interests.


I'd also just like to say that is alright to being feeling down about your situation and that you are allowed to feel sad. So try not to compare how you are feeling to those who are facing different challenges to you, like you said. Because it is okay for you to express how you are feeling as it is the right thing to do!


Sorry I couldn't be of more help...



Re: No idea what to do in life

@needhelp88 wrote:
My biggest problem is not having any interest it's sad to say but I don't. Well my interest can't be used in the working environment such as gaming, or basic computers my knowledge is very low.

Hi @needhelp88 

I thought this point you made was really interesting. I was in a career I didn't like for 12 years and, eventually, I realised what I really wanted to do… but it took me a really long time to figure that out. Once I had, I found a university degree in the field, took it, nailed it — because it was actually something I was interested in doing! — and found work in that industry.


You'd be surprised how well your hobbies can translate into a career if they involve doing something that interests you. I found that once I was doing something I loved, money became a lot less important. I could earn twice as much as I do now but I would have to give up all of the things I love about the job I have.


Take a look at what captures your interest and maybe something can come of that. I have a friend who was a graphic designer but spent all of her spare time shopping for vintage dresses — eventually she realised she could make a job out of doing what she loved and now she runs an online vintage fashion store.