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Not feeling great

Hey everyone, 

I'm relatively new to these forums so I'm not really sure if I'm writing this in the right place or what not but I guess I'm just searching for a bit of advice/tips if anyone has had a similar experience to what I'm feeling atm. I've always been a relatively anxious person but lately I've just felt overly self conscious, especially at my job, and I can't even bring myself to do simple tasks such as speak into a joint headset/call my boss or even just move an item out of the way if people are watching me. Idk why, but I seem to just build these small tasks up in my head, rehearsing or replaying the worse case scenario, leading me to avoid many simple situations. I tend to avoid these situations or people because I am just so afraid that my response isn't the most perfectly right thing to do or that I will make a fool out of myself and get judged. This anxiety over such small things can make me be pretty hard on myself sometimes and consequently make me feel pretty shitty, which leads me to my second problem of just not feeling great lately in general. Unlike the anxiousness, the sadness has come only the past few days for no particular reason which I'm a bit confused about - I just couldn't stop crying the other morning at school and I couldn't even give a reason why. This feeling continued the next night at a party where I just felt so lonely and sad even though I was surrounded by so many people, but yet again couldn't stop crying. I am surrounded by so many great and supportive people, however I can't help feeling a little isolated and misunderstood with what I'm feeling. 


So I guess I'm just asking if anyone feels like they can relate to this or has any advice to care less about what others think or how to overcome these anxious and sad thoughts?

Re: Not feeling great

Hi @youcandothis,

Welcome to ReachOut! This is definitely the place to ask these questions, and thank you for your bravery in speaking up about what you are feeling at the moment. I can see from your post that you are really in tune with your feelings and have a good idea of what is happening- this is really amazing. You mentioned that feeling anxious is something you have felt for a long time, right now do you feel that your stress/anxiousness is higher than normal?


It sounds like what you are going through is really tough and I want you to know we are here for you Heart The descriptions of what you have been going through with the sadness and the worry are experiences a lot of our community here can relate to. Have you talked to anyone close to you about how you have been feeling? 



You might find some of the ReachOut resources really helpful too. Here is an article about ways to help with stress and anxiety and here is a quiz that can help you work out where you are at and some places you may consider for support Smiley Happy


Check out our community activities calendar for November 2019 here

Re: Not feeling great

Hey, thank you so much for your response, right now my anxiousness isn't necessarily more than usual but I've just noticed it a lot more frequently lately when preventing me from doing stuff. I've spoken to my sister who feels a similar way a lot of the time, and a handful of friends are super supportive when I get in upset moods, but I haven't spoken to my parents about it - the reasoning being that my mum and I don't have a super emotional relationship so I feel like she wouldn't know how to react - and also I feel that my parents would be a little disappointed and wouldn't expect it at all. :/

Re: Not feeling great

@youcandothis Definitely hearing that sense of aloneness in the feeling. Very well done for jumping on the forums and sharing this. There's a few forum members that have similar experiences, especially around not feeling comfortable approaching parents.


I was just wondering why you think your parents would be disappointed?

I am going to tag some community members Smiley Happy 


@Bee @DruidChild @N1ghtW1ng @litgym

Re: Not feeling great

I guess I just feel like they think of me as the "stable" one out of my sister and I (due to experiences over the past 2 years), and my mum would probably be disappointed in herself as well for having raised two daughters to be in a bad place mentally - she tends to be hard on herself with those things

Re: Not feeling great

hey @youcandothis

i couldn’t relate more to how you’re feeling atm. i also tend to overthink situations too much, i usually try and breathe (if i dont focus on my breathing it can cause panic attacks for me). try and take your mind off what’s going on in your head and focus on things you can see, feel, taste, touch and hear. another tip is to take baby steps in pushing yourself to overcome the anxiety. would you consider talking to a school counsellor (if your school offers it) ? 


when im feeling down i try to do some self-care as hard as it is i know i need it. even just lying in your bed and watching netflix is a perfect way to make you feel a bit better. how has your anxiety and mood been today ?

Re: Not feeling great

Hey there @youcandothis Smiley Happy I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but I love your username Smiley Happy

You are 100% not alone in how you're feeling. Anxiety can be a pain in the butt and times and make it difficult to complete tasks.
For me, I often get nervous about sharing my own thoughts out of fear of being judged, but something that helps me is to remind myself that it's okay to be wrong. I know that my friends won't judge me and I'll never talk to any other people so what does it matter?
Have you spoken to your friends or sister about the feelings of sadness recently? Sometimes we can be upset and cry without any particular reason. It can be confusing when it happens but it's normal for it to happen Smiley Happy Has anything recently happened that might cause these feelings?

What did you think of the resources from @Jess1-RO? Did you find them helpful at all?

Re: Not feeling great

@youcandothis ah I missed your most recent reply, sorry!

Is there anything you would feel comfortable talking to your parents about? For example feeling a little isolated or sad like you mentioned in your first post or would that be too much?
It's definitely okay to feel uncomfortable talking to your parents! It's great that you have other supports around you that you can turn to. Is it just friends and your sister or do you have other supports such as teachers or a counselor too?

Re: Not feeling great

hey @litgym, thanks so much for your responses - i'll definitely take those suggestions into account.. my sister sees the school counsellor and said he's great so i'm really considering it... i just don't really know what i'd say and i find it pretty hard to open up to people (especially strangers) about my mental health in fear of being judged or making a fool out of myself. In regards to self-care, I completely agree and I think lately because of a build up of school work and obligations I've been overwhelmed and haven't had much time for that unfortunately. Today was a good day at school up until I got home and I don't know why but my mood just switched and I just had to cry for a bit and needed to be alone :/

Re: Not feeling great

hey @youcandothis

i totally understand about opening up to people, it’s hard isn’t it ? i use to talk to a school counsellor and it was really hard for a while for me and is still is but i’ve stopped seeing her. do you have any close relationships with any teachers you could start opening up to ? i would like you to see the counsellor but totally up to you Smiley Happy 

i totally get the mood changes. in my experience my mood is worse at home than school. doing some self-care is really helpful though ! also making a self-love playlist would bring your mood up - here’s a link self-love songs