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Not really sure what to say

I was abused and haven't told my psychologist or psychiatrist. I don't know how to bring it up, because even though I have always had issues before all that happened, I feel like it is part of the problem of why I am not making progress and can't change. In the very first consult, the psychiatrist flat out asked me and I said no. 


She aslo asked, 'Did you ever feel terrified as a child?' and I said no. I was thinking about it after, and that is a stupid screening question. Everyone feels scared or terrified at some point, it is a natural human emotion and I am angry she asked that to try and diagnose something, when everyone, mental health issues or not, would feel that at some point, over something. 


I don't even think bringing it up would make a difference, because the problem is the way I think and if all that hadn't happened, maybe I would think differently? But I think if that hadn't happened, I would still have a lot of the issues I have now, because the problem isn't that I have diagnosed mental health disorders, the problem is me and the way I think and I don't know why but I was born like that and I don't know how to change. 


Re: Not really sure what to say

Thank you for sharing your story here @lupacexi I'm sorry to hear you're going through this but I'm glad you've reached out to the RO community.


The first consult with a psychologist or a psychiatrist can be quite confronting, as they're asking a lot of questions that we may not be ready to answer or may not feel at the time is important for them to know. However, they're there to help us to see the bigger picture of what's going on for us and without all the information perhaps the therapy / strategies they suggest might not be as helpful?


And remember psychologists / psychiatrists  know that people will disclose things when they're ready to, so if you're not then that's more than ok. 




Re: Not really sure what to say

hello @lupacexi and welcome to RO

as someone who has been abused, i can understand how you may feel when trying to speak about it. its ok that you werent comfortable talking about it in the first session, sometimes it takes a few sessions to be comfortable and to trust your mh team. its really common for people to deny it out of fear, embarrassment and those hurt feelings. 

maybe at your next session, you could have a note prepared with what you would like to say? 

some people find writing it is better than speaking it out loud it also gives an indication that your struggling to be open and to speak about it

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Not really sure what to say

Something I tell myself when I speak to counsellors, not point in not telling them or nothing will be done and no help will be received, your there for them to help you.
I know its hard but all it takes is one person knowing your struggle and pain to help. That's what helps me at least


Re: Not really sure what to say

Heya @lupacexi,


How're you going? Were any of the suggestions mentioned here helpful?

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