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Not sure where to get help

I'm not sure where to go to get help or who to talk to about this, this something pretty hard to talk about but here goes.

About 3 months ago I moved out of home and into a house with two housemates, around that time something changed mentally, I don't really see them as connecting but you never know.

I started hearing voices, most of the time. They were generally nice voices, just talking to me, I would start to really enjoy talking to these voices. But then they got nasty, negative and awful, they are still like that.

Taking over my mind, stopping me from studying for my year 12, stopping me from functioning properly at work, affecting my relationships. They wont leave, no matter what I do. I try and try to fight them, not to believe what they're saying but some days I have no choice. They make me feel like doing things that I know are wrong, giving me false ideas about people, making me think really really silly thoughts.

I feel really really really crazy talking about all this so I'll just leave it at that.

Re: Not sure where to get help

Hey DevonC,


Firstly I think it's awesome that you're brave enough to share your story on here. Smiley Happy I can't say I've ever had personal experience with hearing voices but I've supported a good friend who has, so I can tell you what I know from a friend's perspective Smiley Happy


Generally the best advice is to chat to a GP about it - they can help you work out what exactly you're going through, refer you on to other people, prescribe medication, make a diagnosis etc. I know when my friend told me about her psychosis, she said that the voices wouldn't let her get help. Then I read about a strategy which involves testing out whether the voices actually have as much power as they say they do. So basically my friend would say to her voices "if you're so powerful, why don't you do the dishes", then when the voices didn't do them, she realized that they're not as powerful as they make themselves seem. Of course, that wasn't the only thing that helped her, but perhaps it's a starting point?


Sometimes major life changes (like moving out of home) can bring on a lot of stress which can trigger psychosis (that's what happened to my friend, actually), so it is possible that the two could be related. However, your best bet is still to chat to a professional. Do you have any family or friends you could talk to and ask for support from? Or perhaps your housemates? A teacher at school?


Finally, it's perfectly normal to feel really really crazy. But a quick Google search just informed me that about 10-40% of the population hears voices at some point during their lives, so it's definitely not uncommon. I'm not sure if you've looked at some of the other areas of the site, but these links might prove helpful too. Smiley Happy


Do stick around and let us know how you're going, and keep reaching out if you need to Smiley Happy



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Re: Not sure where to get help

Hey DevonC,


Loki has given some amazing advice.


Firstly, I want to congratulate you on being SO incredibly brave to tell us what is going on for you on here. Hearing voices is definitely a difficult topic to talk to anyone about, but it shouldn't be! You have done the first step by telling us here but now it is important you let a health professional know too. You know what though? You could totally just print what you wrote here and take it along to the doctors appointment and give it to them. That way you don't actually have to verbally say it (I find writing it down is MUCH easier!). 


It is important you let someone know as the voices are getting nasty and this is not good. It's really not nice to have a voice hanging around telling you nasty things! 


Do you have any close friends who you could talk to about this? Or maybe even just tell them you need to go to the doctor but would love some support - that way they can come with you to the waiting room. It's much easier knowing that you have a good friend waiting for you outside the door after a tough appointment!


Please make sure you take care of yourself in the meantime... But please get the help you need.


Remember that Kids Help Line (1800 551 800) and Life Line (13 11 14) are available 24/7 if you need some extra support.


Take care.



Re: Not sure where to get help

Wow, thats pretty amazing that you worked up the strength to actually write down what's going on!!


Mishcheifmanaged has a really great idea about writing down what you want to say to your GP, if your GP has a personal email address, you could also maybe email them before your appointment. It may also sound silly, but what really helped me when I went to the GP to talk about a mental health issue was to practice a bit before hand (headspace has a great page about what to expect ). When I went I also told a friend I was going to the doctors (although I told them it was for a blood-test) and asked them to remind me, to help me actually go and hold me accountable. 


Also if you think that hearing voices has distracted from your year 12, I'd be almost positive that you could apply for special considerations if you wanted to. Every school/state is different, but people I know and myself, have gotten considerations like the ability to resit tests that we've missed, extra time or extentions on assignments, or marks moderated. If you do choose to apply, from my experience they are very good at keeping it discreet, and you will probably just have to get your doctor, or specailist if you choose to see one to write a note.


Re: Not sure where to get help

Hey DevonC,


I agree with everyone how awesome it is that you've decided to ask about your auditory hallucinations. Hearing voices is surprisingly common and is sometimes, but not always, a symptom of a mental health issue. It definitely sounds as though you're struggling with the effect they are having on your life. Which suggests that now would be a really great time to talk to a health professional.

This is a factsheet on the different types of help you can get. Maybe you could have a look and see which one is a good fit for you. It's really important that you don't add unnecessary stress into your life and not push yourself to do something that freaks you out too much. If seeing someone face to face is something you're not comfortable with, there are other options.


Is getting help something you feel you could do?