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Re: OCD is a b*tch

@Hozzles Hey, im sorry to her about your pet's passing, i know how much they can mean to you.

OCD is hard, like super hard, so i hope you are coping okay. 

Brain fog is also so horrible and frustrating, I know my personal experience with it has been less than pleasant to say the least.

I hope your doing okay now, if not we are always here for support. 

p.s totally 100% agree, brains are weird af

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Thank you all so much! You're all too kind! Heart

I feel like I'm doing a lot better now. The first few days after her passing were scary because OCD was being super loud (e.g. I usually take my dog for a walk to calm myself when I'm anxious but I couldn't because OCD was telling me I would cause something bad to happen to him, too) and I was afraid the worst of my intrusive thoughts were coming back. The major thing I was worried about in changing my meds were that the thoughts that I couldn't deal with/ would leave me housebound would come back, since the other meds did so well in getting rid of those (but weren't that good for my depression). But I'm very happy that the thoughts have lessened and have almost gone away now Smiley Very Happy. Thanks again everyone, my beardie was very loved. Heart

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Hello fellow OCDers! I hope you are all doing well and that pesky obsessions and compulsions aren't getting you down too much Smiley Happy 


I just wanted to ask - have any of you experienced relationship OCD before? I am going through it at the moment and it is so hard! Normally OCD is all about me, and I am the only one that suffers the consequences of my decisions when I indulge in compulsions or when I experience doubt and anxiety. But now, someone else's feelings are on the line and I feel I am putting so much weight on their shoulders. Can anyone relate or give me some pointers? 

Re: OCD is a b*tch

@queenP  Hey, sorry to hear your OCD is giving you a hard time. Personally i have never experienced relationship OCD, but i can imagine it must be disheartening. 

Perhaps just try to remind yourself that OCD is just thoughts. Its just your brain messing with you. 

Hope you are coping okay, you will get through this. 


Re: OCD is a b*tch

I guess it's hard because it feels like more than thoughts, it feels like my emotions towards this girl are blunted from time to time and it makes me question my feelings for her. It's horrible! But I am persevering and just trying not to Google anything (I normally research when I am being compulsive). 

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Hi @queenP,

It sounds like you have been really mindful and aware of your thoughts and feelings, and having that insight is really amazing. I can't begin to imagine how hard this must be when the thoughts are carrying over into your relationship too- I can tell you are such a compassionate person who is really aware about how experiences can impact those around. Is it something the two of you have spoken about before?

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Re: OCD is a b*tch

Hi @Jess1-RO, thank you so much for your kind response. I have mentioned my OCD to my partner before, but have not specifically outlined how it affects me with regard to doubts about her and our relationship because we have only recently started seeing each other again. I broke up with her after 6 months of dating because I was finding it difficult to cope with the level of anxiety I was experiencing, which she understands and was supportive of. However, I don't want to scare her off or make her feel as though she isn't enough for me, because the reality is that my mind is just perceiving threats that aren't there. I think for if we do start to see each other more seriously, then perhaps I will bring it up with her in depth so we can discuss some boundaries and how best she can support me, but for now, I'm going to try and enjoy her company and chat with my psychologist about some strategies to push through the anxiety I experience and be present. 

Re: OCD is a b*tch

@queenP that sounds like a really difficult situation to be in. Smiley Sad It's great that your partner is willing to understand and be supportive of you the very best she can, and like @Jess1-RO said your insight into your thoughts and feelings are amazing. It can be really hard sometimes to recognise when your thoughts are starting to take over.

I was in a similar situation with my ex. Unfortunately, she wasn't as willing to learn about what OCD meant for me/ us as a couple and admitted she didn't really understand what I was anxious about, which probably contributed a lot to the downfall of our relationship. Being with people who understand or are willing to learn more to understand is really important and validating. Unfortunately I feel like ROCD is one of the more trickier types of OCD as you can't really know exactly what another person is thinking. Chatting with your psychologist is an excellent step to try and push trough it.

I hope you're doing okay! Heart


Re: OCD is a b*tch

How is everyone doing? Heart

I know this thread hasn't been posted in for a while but I felt I might as well post because I feel like I've had a sort of an epiphany. My trouble with uni and assignments is... OCD! 

Here's the story/ context (TW for self-harm OCD):
So last year I kind of reached a breaking point with my mental health. Around assignment times at uni, I always get really anxious to the point where I'd rather pull teeth than writing my assignments. It sounds bizarre, but it felt like in order to complete an assignment, I had to reach this threshold of suffering before I could complete it... like I had to reach a point where I've exhausted all the fear of failure/ anxiety out of me. With it, I get strong intrusive urges to physically hurt myself that are so loud I can't concentrate on writing. All of this got so bad that I decided to take a year of uni to work on my mental health.

I'm back after my year off, and while I've been doing well it's now assignment time again and the familiar thoughts/ feelings are back again. I allowed myself some time to sit and reflect because I really didn't want to go through all the unnecessary pain for myself all over again. It was then I realised, 'hang on... I compulsively have to do all these things before I can write my assignments, and I don't really want to hurt myself and these thoughts cause me anxiety... wait, THIS IS OCD!' 

I can't believe it's taken me this long to realise. I don't know, but I already feel better knowing it's OCD and that I can use strategies that help with OCD to stop it. For example I've been trying to use exposure, reading back on mistakes I've made on assignments in the past and thinking it's not really the end of the world. I've noticed when I feel like this I constantly seek/ get reassurance from my family... but those with OCD probably know, compulsive reassurance seeking isn't very good for OCD. 

It feels weird to be happy about figuring out something is OCD related, but at least I know there's maybe a way out! Smiley LOL

Re: OCD is a b*tch

@Hozzles it can be such a relief to find out why your brain's doing a thing, and I'm so glad you now have some ways to cope with it!!