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OCD is a b*tch

Hey my dudes, as im sure you have read in the title, OCD is a total b*tch.

I would like to mention some sub types of OCD and some words that describe OCD to further reach and support whoever is reading this.

Harm ocd, pure OCD, intrusive thoughts, (unwanted images, thoughts, phrases and feelings), urges and compulsions, rituals, relationship OCD, sexuality, contamination OCD, and any other forms i have not mentioned. Each OCD case is unique and each person will have their own experiences, however i have created this forum so that people may find a sense of comfort and belonging. I fear that OCD is an issue greatly misinterpreted by society, it is not simply being neat and tidy, or having preferences with light switches and volume; it is much more complicated and disturbing than that. I have created this forum in the hopes that people may be able to share their experiences with OCD and to provide as much support as possible towards this issue and those who are experiencing it.

 If you are reading this and you have, or are experiencing any form of OCD, i want to reach out to you and just say;

You will get through this.

You are not your thoughts.

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Hey @indieinsanus, first of all, my apologies that this post got eaten by our spam bot. I've just marked it "Not Spam" now so it should come up again. Just a quick heads up also, that I've also moved your post to "Getting Help" as it is a slightly heavier topic, and so more users who may benefit from your message will see it. Smiley Happy


Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I really like how you've highlighted that each person's experience is unique, and that is something that it's important to remember about many different situations, not just OCD. I also echo your sentiments about OCD not being understood by many people in society, and I have come across many people who have made jokes about OCD as well. This is ignorant behaviour, and something which I hope in time will be more understood by people. Heart

Re: OCD is a b*tch

I want to thank you for making such an awesome and important post @indieinsanus  (i think your title sums it up nicely Smiley Wink ) Intrusive thoughts really are so so distressing, they make you question yourself as a person, and feeling like you're the only one who has thoughts like that is devastating Smiley Sad Even just knowing you're not alone is so powerful <3

I really wanted to highlight the end of your post in particular:
You are not your thoughts
Another similar statement that my therapist actually told me is thoughts are just thoughts. Brains suck, and thoughts are just thoughts, they don't make you a bad person or define who you are.


Obsessive Christmas Disorder isn’t even a funny joke like seriously