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OCD is a b*tch

Hey my dudes, as im sure you have read in the title, OCD is a total b*tch.

I would like to mention some sub types of OCD and some words that describe OCD to further reach and support whoever is reading this.

Intrusive thoughts, (unwanted images, thoughts, phrases and feelings), urges and compulsions, rituals, relationship OCD, sexuality OCD, contamination OCD, harm OCD, Pure OCD, and any other forms / subsets i have not mentioned.

Each OCD case is unique and each person will have their own experiences, however i have created this forum so that people may find a sense of comfort and belonging. I fear that OCD is an issue greatly misinterpreted by society, it is not simply being neat and tidy, or having preferences with light switches and volume; it is much more complicated and disturbing than that. I have created this forum in the hopes that people may be able to share their experiences with OCD and to provide as much support as possible towards this issue and those who are experiencing it. The brain is a very powerful thing, and often times we feel as though we have no control over it what so ever, and thats okay. Forgive yourself for your thoughts and feelings, its okay to be lost, its okay to be scared, its okay to be you.

It is okay.

Do not give up on yourself, no matter how dark and horrible things seem; there is so much more than this thing you feel, trust me i know.
Do not be afraid to seek help, its worth it, there is support available and you do deserve it.

You deserve to be happy, and i promise one day you will be.

 If you are reading this and you have, or are experiencing any form of OCD, i want to reach out to you and just say;

You will get through this.

You are not your thoughts.

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Hey @indieinsanus, first of all, my apologies that this post got eaten by our spam bot. I've just marked it "Not Spam" now so it should come up again. Just a quick heads up also, that I've also moved your post to "Getting Help" as it is a slightly heavier topic, and so more users who may benefit from your message will see it. Smiley Happy


Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I really like how you've highlighted that each person's experience is unique, and that is something that it's important to remember about many different situations, not just OCD. I also echo your sentiments about OCD not being understood by many people in society, and I have come across many people who have made jokes about OCD as well. This is ignorant behaviour, and something which I hope in time will be more understood by people. Heart

Re: OCD is a b*tch

I want to thank you for making such an awesome and important post @indieinsanus  (i think your title sums it up nicely Smiley Wink ) Intrusive thoughts really are so so distressing, they make you question yourself as a person, and feeling like you're the only one who has thoughts like that is devastating Smiley Sad Even just knowing you're not alone is so powerful <3

I really wanted to highlight the end of your post in particular:
You are not your thoughts
Another similar statement that my therapist actually told me is thoughts are just thoughts. Brains suck, and thoughts are just thoughts, they don't make you a bad person or define who you are.


Obsessive Christmas Disorder isn’t even a funny joke like seriously


We had a live Getting Real chat to do with Self-positivity, on Monday the 21st of October! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: OCD is a b*tch

hey @ecla34 sorry it took me so long to reply. i appreciate your message. i really hope that people can understand ocd more, i know i have personally struggled in some moments. Honestly i just hope that people suffering from this, and anything else really, can understand that they are not a defect or a failure, they are human, and being human can be brutal, but it can also be brutally beautiful. If you are reading this by any chance, and your scared that this isnt you, or your not normal, or your the one who has something fundamentally wrong with your character, trust me you are not. The brain is a very powerful thing. 

Re: OCD is a b*tch

What an amazing and much needed thread! As someone who has struggled with every OCD theme under the sun, it is heartwarming to finally have a place to discuss how tough of a disorder it can be. You're totally right, it is such a misrepresented form of mental illness - its severity and debilitating nature can often be overlooked because of lack of education about what constitutes OCD and what doesn't. 


I'm currently experiencing a really tough week at the moment with my OCD symptoms, so I'd love to ask you @indieinsanus, (and any other OCD fighters), how do you stay motivated when your symptoms are dragging you down?

Re: OCD is a b*tch

@queenPhey, thankyou for the support, i hope the thread helps people.
Honestly when my OCD is acting up, it can be really hard for me to look past it, sometimes i just fall into a thought spiral that seems impossible to get out of. My OCD has taken a few forms but often times it just revolves around the idea that im losing my morality; so i take the time to actively forgive myself for whatever i may be feeling and thinking. I didnt even relise how important forgiving myself was up until recently, it can be hard to find it within yourself to be kind when your thoughts are suffocating you, but just try to be patient with yourself and learn to have self compassion. When my thoughts are extremely persistent and it is all and everything i can think of, i usually distract myself until things feel a little more manageable ( watching my favorite you tube channels, going on social media, listening to music etc)
I rationalise my thoughts and remind myself it is okay to have them, just because i have these thoughts does not in anyway make them remotely real. Thoughts are just thoughts.
I hope your feeling okay, i know how hard it can be, sometimes it is all consuming, but eventually with time things become somewhat okay again. Keep fighting, the mind can really eff with you sometimes, and in people suffering from OCD its all the mind seems to do. Seriously im proud of you, OCD really is a b*tch.

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Thank you for creating this thread @indieinsanus and for bravely sharing your experiences and understanding of OCD with us. Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Hi @indieinsanus, I don't have personal experience of OCD but just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and creating this awesome thread. I have learned a lot from it myself and I think that it can help other people. Smiley Happy

Re: OCD is a b*tch

@indieinsanus AHH those morality obsessions can be absolutely horrific, I can totally relate. That's what most of mine used to centre around as well, and I can agree, it can be all-consuming.  I always found the guilt to be the worst part.


I've been dealing with something completely new lately, and I think I've been a little hard on myself, so I'm definitely going to take on board what you said about self-compassion. Sometimes I can get so down on myself because it takes me so much effort just to do 'normal' things like engage in a conversation or go to uni that other people can do without thinking, but I don't think that's a fair comparison because I have an extra challenge on my plate that a lot of people would never have to consider. 


On the flip-side of that, sometimes I think I tend to pity myself a little too much when I'm in an OCD spiral and take other people's problems for granted. It sounds really horrible, but sometimes when I am struggling through each and every moment, and someone complains to me about their bad day at work or that they can't find the right outfit for their next party or whatever, I feel like I want to explode. Part of me wants to yell "YOU CALL THAT A PROBLEM?" but I know it is only because I envy the fact that they can focus on something else, anything else, other than the thoughts running through their heads and I wish that was the case for me too. With that in mind, I'd like to start extending a bit more compassion to my family as well. I know that they are only trying to help me, and that it isn't their fault that I have OCD and they don't know what that's like, so I'd like to reflect this in my actions from day to day. 


Just wondering, do you talk to your family members or friends about your OCD? Or is it a more private battle?


Thanks for all your support!

Re: OCD is a b*tch

@queenP im sorry to hear your having a tough week, hope things can eleviate a bit for you. TBH i get the same sometimes with other people problems, i soemtimes cant understand how they can complain about such blissfully small issues, sometimes i just want to tell them every thought that ruminates through my head everyday, i want to tell them that my world is always ending, that sometimes when i open my eyes i am looking at a world i feel i need to apologise for living in. Honestly my battle with my thoughts was private for far too long, i battled silently with the way i felt and the things i thought. Im not sure how i kept it a secret for so long. And its horrible but i almost felt this sense of pride over the fact that i had kept it to myself, that i could deal with these thigns on my own; but the truth was i couldnt. In fact i was slowly but gradually destroying myself. Seeking help was the moment things started to seem lighter in my life, sure there have been many moments i have felt at my end, and i am not 100% okay, i still battle everyday with my thoughts, but now i dont have to fight alone. i have talked to my friends and family about my OCD and anxiety but i dont tell them every aspect, usually i just admit the general idea of what im thinking and feeling. Especially with harm OCD i could never admit all the thoughts and feelings associated with that, and i also know that it can be tempting to confess every feeling and thought, but ive learnt the right balance between sharing my experience, seeking help and feeling the need to apologise for being who i am. I hope you are doing okay, sorry this is a long post, if youve made it this far i applaud you. Im always here to talk to if you ever want someone to relate to you, ik its easy to feel alone.

I would like to ask you what you do to deal with your bad days, do you listen to music? are you a movie buff ? does connecting with nature help ?

Anyway, thankyou for your support, hope your doing okay today.