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Re: OCD is a b*tch

Thank you @Taylor-RO Heart Honestly I’m fine with not focusing on it...I’ve had lots of doctors tell me that while there’s other parts of my illness that might go away with treatment, this is something that’s going to be a part of my life forever (not true for everybody, obviously, it’s just my specific situation) so as long as the worst of the intrusive thoughts aren’t cropping up too much and I can function, I’m okay Smiley Happy I think that as I deal with my trauma and my headspace becomes healthier in general my ocd will be less distressing to me. 


@queenP  thanks for the book rec Smiley Happy I noticed you saying in another thread that it’s been a rough few days for you, is there anything that you’d like to talk about or like help with? Heart

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Thanks @DruidChild, I appreciate you checking in. I'm going okay, just trying to balance uni and work commitments while feeling anxious and a bit flat. Any advice? How do you get through periods like this? 

Re: OCD is a b*tch

You're welcome @queenP Smiley Happy I can relate to that feeling at the moment; between mental health, uni, and work it's understandable that you'd be feeling anxious and flat right now.

Is there anything that usually gives you a bit of a mental break or makes you feel better? For me this is doing 15 minutes of yoga at the end of the day, playing animal crossing, and listening to podcasts. Short breaks help me feel more relaxed and well. 

I know that you've worked hard to be open with your family about your mental health (which is awesome, that takes a lot of courage!) so could you ask them for support? For example maybe they could take over some of your chores at home for a bit or give you a lift to work. 

If you're feeling worse than your baseline it doesn't hurt to check in with your GP as well - they might be able to offer some advice or adjust any medications you're on. 

Feel free to start a thread about how you're feeling Heart

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Thanks for your support @DruidChild. Because most of my compulsions are mental, and I'm currently in the process of ERP therapy, I don't often feel like I get a mental break, but I do meditate every day and swim as regularly as I can manage because I find that calming my body can make things easier to deal with. I've also found that getting back into uni has been a great help - I love studying, so it's been a fantastic way to focus my attention on something productive. 


Yes, I've asked my family for some extra support. My Mum and sister text me during the day for an update on how I'm feeling, and my Dad has been making my lunch and dinner for work to make things a bit easier. They've always been a great support emotionally, but sometimes practical help like unpacking the dishwasher for me just makes life that little bit more manageable when things are tough. 


I've been checking in with my GP once a week and he has found me a psychiatrist, who I'm going to try and see ASAP. I've also started seeing my psychologist more regularly, which I feel really good about. Hopefully I'm doing all the right things and I'm on my way back up!


How are you going at the moment? 

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Mental compulsions are so exhausting, right @queenP? It’s really hard feeling like you can’t get a break from the things in your head. Sounds like you’ve developed some amazing strategies to care for yourself! That’s awesome Smiley Very Happy I can tell you’re very self aware and that can really help with mental health stuff imo. I’m glad studying is helping too, and that your family is supportive Smiley Happy I really admire the way you’ve  identified so many positives even at this tough time! Good luck with your psychiatrist, I hope they can fit you in soon Heart


I’m up and down, but altogether not as bad as I sometimes am! Thanks for asking Smiley Happy 





Re: OCD is a b*tch

Hey fellow OCD-ers! How are you guys travelling? 


@indieinsanus @DruidChild @Hozzles 

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Hey @queenP I've been struggling a bit but OCD-wise been managing. How have things been for you? Heart

Re: OCD is a b*tch

Sorry I haven't been in this thread for a while! I've been feeling quite mentally exhausted lately, but I'm definitely taking baby steps to get better. I downloaded an app recently called nOCD, which helps create an exposure therapy hierarchy you can do to help face your compulsions. Even simple suggestions such as colouring outside the lines of a colouring book made me cringe a lot, but I know I'll get there eventually. Hey, I'm here posting today, so that's one step right? Smiley Very Happy

Re: OCD is a b*tch

@DruidChild I'm so sorry things have been tough, hang in there! Anything in particular giving you grief?


@Hozzles that's a great step! I've used that app in the past and it's a great way to track your exposures all in one place. 


I've been doing it really tough lately, my psychologist is struggling to work out how to treat my OCD because it's not a particularly common topic and I'm also feeling really mentally exhausted and feel like I'm going round in circles. I've started seeing a psychiatrist and he has given me some additional medication, so hopefully that takes the edge off. What a mess! As you said @Hozzles, baby steps Smiley Happy 

Re: OCD is a b*tch

I’m sorry things have been so tough @queenP Heart I’m glad that you’re working with your psychologist and psychiatrist to find something that works. I’ve seen you post in a few threads and can I just say, I really admire your resilience and optimism about yourself and the future. Do you mind if I ask what the topic of your ocd is? Mine is a bit uncommon too so maybe I can relate. Is there anything that helps when you’re feeling this way? Is uni still being a good distraction? 


Good luck with your exposure therapy @Hozzles, that sounds like such a useful app! Smiley Happy 


Thank you for asking @queenP, it’s s mainly my depression has been playing up as well as lots of uni stress and social grief! I’ve been working hard to take it one day at a time though Heart