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OCD question- please help


      I have OCD and have a fear of a lot of things including urine, feaces and saliva.


Today something happend that I hope somebody can help me with.


I was drinking a glass of water and tipped it up too quickly and some of the water went on my chest and maybe my pants. I was just about to sit down and read a book I borrowed from the library.


I am worried that some of the water would have a bit of my saliva in it and may have got onto the couch I lay on. I think this even if it had dried before laying on the couch. The other thing I was worried about was if I ran my hands across anywhere on my body or clothing where the water with my saliva was (even if it was dry), that I would get it on the book I borrowed from the library i.e. hands to clothing which would have picked up dry saliva and then to the book from my hands.


Am i worrying too much? what if the book has a bit of my saliva on it now ?? Do I just return it ?







Re: OCD question- please help

I think you'll be in the clear if the book has a bit of your saliva on it, the librarians won't really notice and the book has probably been through a lot anyway. Welcome to RO Smiley Happy

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: OCD question- please help

Hi @JRincon ,

Welcome to ReachOut. I reckon @j95 was right - I don't think you've done any harm to the library book.

ReachOut's a good place to chat - if you want some tips on living with OCD, or some tips on how to get help with it, there's a fact sheet that might be helpful for you: OCD.

Good luck and see you around the forums.




Re: OCD question- please help



Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate your help.


I just feel bad if I get my saliva on other peoples things. I feel as though I have to wash whatever I get it on. It's a guilt thing and I get upset at times and feel as though i have to wash the couch cover, or if the book had anything on it, I'd try and think of some way to wash it.


Appreciate any advice.



Re: OCD question- please help

Hey @JRincon 


Welcome to I can see how you're worried about the condition of the book, particularly if it belongs to someone or a place. But like @j95 and @blithe have said, it should be all good. Libraries, with their thousands and thousands of books, understand that each and every one of them must have gone on some sort of adventure!


If you're feeling pretty concerned about how your OCD is affecting you, you can visit your local GP to receive a referral for further advice. With a pro, you could both figure out what works for you in situations like these. 


Let us know how you go!

Stay excellent

Re: OCD question- please help

Hey @JRincon , my favourite thing about library books (apart from the fact they're free, haha) is actually that they've been on so many adventures! I always wonder what kind of stories the books have  to tell themselves, where they've been, who has touched them etc.


I agree with everyone else - you're totally in the clear! I don't think you need to clean the book, but if you are feeling particularly bad then a wet-wipe over the cover (if it's plastic-coated or some other material that won't get soggy) or a quick spray of Glen20 might be the way to go!





Re: OCD question- please help

hey @JRincon welcome to reachout! Awesome post, I can completely relate to your OCD! I used to have so many rituals - it used to take me 2 hours to go to bed because I had so many checking things I had to get just right, and if I got them wrong I would have to start again!


Do you find your obsessions are starting to get in the way a bit much some times? I know I got really sick of having mine and it got to the point where they would effect everything I would do, it started to feel a little bit like I was trapped. 


Have you tried working on them at all? You could try not giving in to your checking habits and seeing if they can start to go away?



Re: OCD question- please help

Hi everybody,


Thanks for all you help, it is appreciated, I have suffered OCD for years now and it's one of those things I do find hard to kick. I have sought professional hlep but I am still not cured.


Thanks again.