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Old best friend being distant

Can someone please help me I am having a really hard time at school. Ii used to be best friends with someone but then one day they just didnt want to anymore and I see her everyday at school. We have kind of started talking again but now all of a sudden she has become so distant. 

She keeps ignoring me and will go talk to everyone else and not me. And people who i thought I was kinda friends ditch me constantly and it just feels like no one wants me around . I have no idea what to do and when I try make friends people dont want to.

Does anyone have any advice on how I could cope with this because I dont have anyone I can turn to for support.

Re: Introduce Yourself Here! - November Edition

Hey @Muffin_ Welcome to our community


Thank you for reaching out to us here Heart I'm really sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time at school. It's so hurtful when someone you used to be close with all the sudden becomes distant. 


I want you to know that you're not alone - many many people go through big changes in their friendships and most people find it a hard transition.It's normal for all sorts of feelings to come up, especially if someone you were close to is ignoring you.  


I remember going through a situation like yours when I was in school and there were a few things I tried to do to cope. 

- I made some time with the school counsellor and got how much it was hurting me off my chest

- I made sure I reached out to my parents, family friends and anyone outside of school that I felt comfortable with. 

- Bringing a good book, music to listen to or anything I enjoy doing into school. Using lunch breaks to try enjoying my own company/hobbies.

- Finding peaceful places at school I feel comfortable to sit at if I don't have someone to sit with 

- Volunteering/taking part in school volunteering/ extra-curricular activities  as a way to keep busy at school and open up opportunities to hang out with people I wouldn't usually be able to.

- There's also an article here on our website that gives some tips into how to make new friends at school.  


It's worth saying that different things work for different people and I'm sure some of the other members of our community will share their ideas too. I just wanted to move your comment into a thread of it's own so that people can find your question and give you support easier Heart