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One step forward and a million back

I'm in a rut again and its very hard to keep positive and get things done for myself. I'm having a hard time keeping my motivation and not feeling exhausted after doing what seems to me is a lot but to others is not that much. Stress and nagging parents don't help, i do go to a therapist, me and both my parents in a way it is definitely helping but i keep feeling stuck.


Re: One step forward and a million back

I know that feeling @myw007 ! I always try to just focus on one thing at time and try not to get too overwhelmed.

It's great that you are going to a therapist have you told them how you feel? They might give you some strategies on how to keep moving forward and not feeling stuck. 

Also I find with having anxiety my stamina isn't the same as it is for other people who don't have a mental illness or suffer from mental health issues. As I use up a lot of energy keeping my anxiety in check which others don't have to do. So you aren't alone in that area and many others feel the same!

I've actually just been reading some articles on ReachOut about self care and why it's important and I feel they may be useful for you and how you are currently feeling. This article is on 6 strategies for self care and this one is why you should get in the habit of self care. 

Also remember when times are tough to just keep moving forward and take it one day at a time Smiley Happy 


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: One step forward and a million back

Hi @myw007,

It sounds like you are overwhelmed and exhausted at the moment and are lacking in motivation. 

It is really great that you posted in this forum to talk about how you feel - that is definitely a step in the right direction! 


I have felt experienced very similar feelings to you and what helped me was to journal. I found I could explore the areas where I was feeling 'stuck' and what were barriers that were preventing me from moving forward. I also found that when lacking in motivation it is helpful to write down goals. When I felt lacking in motivation I made my goals really simple and basic, so as not to overwhelm myself and also wrote down why that goal was important to me. Reminding myself why the goal was important to me and my values it was aligned with was really helpful for me. 


If I can ask, what area in particular do you feel that you are lacking in motivation? 
What small goal/s could you write down that might help you get back on track? 
Could you potentially discuss these goals with your therapist/parents?

Do these ideas sound like they might be helpful?