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Panic attack recovery??

Hi all, I had quite a bed panic attack on Wednesday night and haven’t felt good since. I experienced bad headache yesterday and shakiness today. Is recovery after a panic attack a thing or am I just mental?

Re: Panic attack recovery??

Hi @Grake,

I'm really sorry to hear you have had a bad panic attack Heart From personal experience, I can definitely relate to what you are saying about feeling a bit shaky/under the weather for a few days after - you are not alone in feeling this wayHeart


Panic attacks can take a lot of energy out of you, emotionally and physically, and it can take some time to recover but it is different for everyone. Have you got any self care planned for today? Make sure you take as much me-time as you need to look after yourself today Heart


Are you seeing any health professionals at the moment you can talk to about panic attacks?


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Re: Panic attack recovery??

Haven’t got any selfcare planned for today :/ any suggestions on something I can do? 


Yes I see a physc my next appointment is next week.

Re: Panic attack recovery??

Hi @Grake,


Great to see you are looking to give some self care a go today! ReachOut has some great examples here and our chill style quiz might give some ideas of what works for your style. Is there anything you do to relax? Or something that brings you some enjoyment?


I know I always love putting on a favourite movie, doing some exercise, rewarding myself with my favourite treat, sitting in the sun and doing something expressive like painting or art/craft. Not sure if you have seen the thread on the master list of boredom breakers, but there are also a lot of different ideas here you might enjoy as some self care.


@N1ghtW1ng@ErinsAntics@letitgo have some ideas on some self care activities?


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Re: Panic attack recovery??

Hi @Grake, sorry to hear about the panic attack, they definitely suck big time! I’m glad you have a psych appointment booked. Smiley Happy


With regards to self care, perhaps you might like to take a look at this thread for some ideas as to what others have found helpful. Basically, self care is taking time out and doing something that you enjoy, or that will help you have a break from negative situations. Smiley Happy

Re: Panic attack recovery??

I ended up going out and getting some art supplies. Got a bit messy watching the sunset experimenting with differernt art techniques. I’m now at my favourite cafe getting food

Re: Panic attack recovery??

@Grake totally smashing that self-care! Good work Smiley Very Happy

I can also relate to your original post - you're definitely not crazy. Panic attacks suck and it can take time to destress afterwards Heart
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Re: Panic attack recovery??

hello @Grake

i feel i need time to recover from a panic attack too. usually it takes a day or 2 depending on the amount ive been having. self care and self soothing activities are quite important. i like painting too though im not very good at it!.
Jess1-RO has given some links, theres quite alot of things on there but really its the things you like to do and find relaxing thats most important.
im also glad to hear your have supports too, itll be worth meantion the panic attacks to them
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Panic attack recovery??

@GrakePanic attacks are the worst, I always feel so drained after them. Before I was diagnosed with severe panic attacks I used to feel so down on myself for having them because I was getting treatment for anxiety so therefore these attacks shouldn't be happening right? Not realising it was a separate diagnosis. 

Everyone is different for how best to handle the after effects of panic attacks for me I ideally take something and sleep it off and do a lot of hiding out on the couch watching my favourite movies/tv shows and eating chocolate. I find that after 24 hours of this I can start to slowly brave the world but I'm really cautious of what I do and the people I see. 

After my last panic attack I didn't have that luxury though, the attack happened in the morning and it was my first major one in years despite doing everything to stop it and while I spend the rest of that day hiding away the next day was busy. One of my friends was moving away so we were catching up for coffee, then I met up with another friend followed by an appointment at my tafe campus. It was a busy day and while it was nice to have the distractions I did feel like that I wasn't feeling myself until 48 hours had passed after the panic attacks. What I'm trying to say is you do and give yourself time to heal after the panic attacks.

Many people who haven't experienced them before think they are dying when they first experience them and your body does go under a lot of stress so be kind to yourself and take it slow.

Do you have any strategies put in place to prevent them? My psych taught me breathing techniques which are great and ReachOut has put made an app based on those techniques called Breathe which I swear by. If the panic attacks are happening frequently it might be worth mentioning to your doctor and possibly seeing a psychologist.

Self-care is super important regardless if you have experienced panic attacks or not, here are my favourite ways to practice self-care:

  • Watching a funny movie or tv show - for movies I love anything with Rebel Wilson in it  (Pitch Perfect 1-3, How to be Single, Night at the Museum 3) or by Adam Sandler (Grown Ups 1 and 2 are my favourites of his) as both those actors always make me laugh. For TV shows I like Brooklyn Nine Nine, The IT Crowd, The Office, Friends, Parks and Rec or Scrubs.
  • Retail therapy - I'm a shopaholic and sometimes just wandering around the shops alone helps me feel recharged. 
  • Reading a good book - books are great escapes and one of my favourite things to do is sit out in the sunshine while reading. 
  • Baking - I love baking and there is something so satisfying about seeing ingredients that may not taste great alone (like cocoa powder, flour, baking powder) come together into something yummy (like brownies). 
  • Crafting/doing art - I like to paint and do craft when I have the chance. I recently crafted 100 Christmas decorations over the period of a week (yes I know its July but the next few months are looking rather busy for me so I figured I would do it in my break) safe to say I am still finding glitter everywhere! 

Hopefully these ideas help and you feel better soon Smiley Happy 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Panic attack recovery??

Hey there @Grake, how has your weekend been? You did an awesome job with selfcare last Friday! Painting a sunset sounds awesome Smiley Happy

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