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Panic attack

At times I  loose myself,l ttremor,I don't know where i am and have a lot of anxiety and insecure

Re: Panic attack

Hey @Costas! Welcome to the forums! I know that feeling and often have panic attacks myself.. I’m just wondering as you haven’t mentioned yet, are you looking for strategies to cope with panic attacks, support around panic attacks, how to handle them in public or something else?? What would you like from the forums in regards to your panic attacks? I know a few other users who also experience them and if we know how to help then we will try our best to do that!
So what are you after?

Re: Panic attack

Hey @Costas 


Welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing. Reaching out can be difficult so it was very brave of you to do so. 


You mentioned you're suffering from panic attacks and anxiety? That sounds very stressful for you. Have you told anyone about this issue? I think it would be very beneficial for you to seek professional support if you haven't already -  contacting a GP might be a good start. Also telling a parent or guardian so that they can support you through the process might be a good idea too. 


Thank you for bringing up this topic as I am sure it is one that many people on these forums can relate to. 


Also, because you are a new user, please check out our guidelines here. We ask new users to read them to ensure everyone is using the forums properly and safely. Smiley Happy

Re: Panic attack

I want to be able to overcome these attacks and look after the kids aldo
to go to work and get on with my life.i am a single mum.

Re: Panic attack

Oh I’m so sorry to hear you are a single mum.. I can’t imagine how hard that is!
@dncinginthedirt is a great support for me and has helped me so much! She is also a single mum and if you need support around that at any time then I think she would be helpful!

As for getting over attacks.. that can take a lot of time but I think you could do it! It’s just a matter of finding strategies that are best for you and learning how to cope with them. They won’t just disappear but with time the will gradually become less severe and one day they will start to be less frequent and possibly stop.
The thing I find the most important for me is to try my hardest to calm myself down! Whether this is breathing techniques, meditation, focusing on thoughts (the good ones), grounding techniques and becoming more aware of your surroundings etc. it’s up to you to find what is most helpful for you but I know you can do it! We can support you along the way as well @Costas ❤️

Re: Panic attack

@Costas one thing that can help long term is to identify common triggers for your panic attacks. It can really help you identify when you need to give yourself more time/ space and prevent panic attacks before they start, plus help give yourself some concrete goals to look at if you want to.


The strategies that @Bananatime04 mentioned are really useful if you're having a panic attack. 

One thing that really helps me is weight/ deep pressure therapy. I have a weighted blanket, plus weighted soft toys that sit in my lap. Stuff like weighted vests and lap pads can also be good, an can really help with grounding.


It might also help to get a list of  "anti-triggers", as in things that usually have an instant calming effect on you. I know that for some people that includes stuff like essential oils, bubble baths and getting cuddles from pets. 

Re: Panic attack

Oh, dude, in my life was a period when I had 5 panic attacks during one month, it was so horrible. I had problems in family and with my boyfriend, it was really stressful for me. My friend recommended me to try CBD oil. In the beginning I thought that he just jokes on me, but decided to try it. After when I started to use it, I haven't have just a one panic attack. It has a wonderful effect on body and psyche. All my CBD I order at one place, try just to check this store. Promise that you will satisfied.