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Past post from one of the managers

Re: Mistakes regarding using my phone instead of a pay phone in future

"hi @Matty D-  no need to apologize! You've expressed yourself well! We don't mind the use of bad language as long as it's not about or directed to another person (or yourself). But you've used words to describe how you're feeling and that's fine. Smiley Happy I can hear how frustrating this was for you , but it sounds like you've come up with a good solution - to bring your charger to school so you can keep your phone charged, and always have it available to use on your way home if you need. I hope this works out for you - you've learnt from this situation and that's awesome!" 


@Bre-RO, This post from June 21, 2018, said the words I used are OK as long as they aren't about or directed towards another person (which I take it that the manager meant here on RO), but the one part I'm a little confused about is when they're said to myself, because I said on here that day that I was "so bloody angry and pissed at myself" for accidentally uttering the “F” word in front of my dad, so, well... that's directed at myself, because I was doing that too (as I sometimes did to myself on here as well), and not just saying how I felt, and I don't know about this manager's opinion, but I don't really see anything wrong with saying stuff like that towards myself, or with saying them about others and directing them towards them (and of course, by that, I mean other people I'm around, not anyone on RO), and alas, they don't have any problem with it, because they understand it's how I express myself, and because they and 99% of other people in this country don't see them as cursing. 

Re: Past post from one of the managers

Hi there @Matty D 


Thank you for sharing your views on the response from your post last year. I am hearing that you don't quite agree with what was mentioned by the previous community manager - which you are entitled to.  


If you'd like to address this further you are welcome to follow our complaints process here


Hope you're well Heart