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Petition- Website Changes for

Heyyy guys! 

So I genuinely love this webiste so damn much, it makes me so happy to know there are people looking out for me and that I can turn to this whenever I need help. However, I get lost on this website all the time- idk it might just be me that has now idea what their doing but it's kind of confusing to use. I'd love if there were an update that could make this easier to access and chat. Also, i'm kind of a jumpy and colourful person (when i'm not depressed) so i'd love it if there was a more splash of colours on the pagesssss Smiley Happy Thanks guys

Sorry if it's only me who feels this way- idk im stupid 


Re: Petition- Website Changes for

Hey @jasmine12345678

Thanks so much for your feedback! We are always looking for more feedback on how to make our site better and more accessible for our users, so I'll be sure to pass this feed back on!! Smiley Happy


Re: Petition- Website Changes for

I get lost a lot trying to navigate from RO's information pages back to here, is that the problem you're having too @jasmine12345678?

I normally have a RO forum tab permanently open and just sign in using that page, but then I get lost pretty easily so that particular part might just be me.. 

Re: Petition- Website Changes for

Yeah, that's exactly what I mean Smiley Happy