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Hey guys,


So I've been having a bit of trouble connecting with my psychiatrist recently.

She's been great with me, making sure I'm okay with any decisions and really includes me in the decisions. However, I'm finding it hard to actually let her in. I feel like there is this wall that comes up when I see her and I just can't seem to find the words or something.


I don't know if the difficulty is because it's via video link, which essentially is done via Skype. And sometimes the connection is a bit laggy.


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Re: Psychiatrist

Hey @Bee,

Do you think your psychiatrist is aware of your difficulty with letting her in?

Good point about the video link setting possibly being a factor - could you do the sessions over telephone in order to test the theory?


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Re: Psychiatrist

Hey @Bee, I have to start by saying that I'm so impressed by the amount of insight you have, and your commitment to your wellbeing.


I think the suggestion of the telephone that @letitgo posted is a good one. I've just had a blank, do you have a counsellor or psychologist that you are regularly seeing? Is this something you could bring up with them?


All the best with this situation. I know you've got this. Heart

Re: Psychiatrist

Hello @Bee


It's okay if you are taking it slow, I think you'll just open up when your mind decides to. There's nothing wrong with that. There's no 'set time' for each person for when they have to open up to their psychiatrist about the hard things you know? 


If you feel like this slow pace is not working for you, then I think you should ask your psychiatrist. Ask her the exact thing you said 'I'm finding it hard to actually let her in, what do I do?' She'll have ways to help you!

Re: Psychiatrist

@letitgo I honestly have no idea if she is aware of it,
We have had to use the phone a couple times because the connection was so bad, but I don't remember it being much easier...

@mrmusic I see a psychologist regularly, I see her tomorrow, so planning on bringing this up with her.

@LeoTheLion I know I am slow to open up to people, and I know that is perfectly okay... I guess it's just feeling a bit annoying now because I've seen her quite a few times now.
And it's the point of actually asking it. I've had things written down in my phone before, things to mention/ask, and throughout the whole session, I've ignored them /not been able to bring them up. Some I know it was because they were hard things to talk about, others though they were simple things that I should have had no trouble with... Sometimes it feels like I revert to a younger version of myself, where language and insight is a foreign concept.


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Re: Psychiatrist

I get you want to speed up the recovery a bit. You can try asking the thing you need to ask at the beginning of the session @Bee. This way you don't forget to ask, you have more time with her to talk about it instead of just 10 or so minutes and carrying over to the next session where you might be more hesitant to bring it up again. 

Re: Psychiatrist

hey @Bee

how long have you been seeing this psych do you mind me asking? sometimes it can take a while to build up that rapport with them

is there any particular reason you feel like you cant let them in?

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Re: Psychiatrist

@LeoTheLion @scared01
Thank you both for replying Smiley Happy
I worked out I have been seeing her for over a year now! (I honestly didn't think it was that long, but it is)
I was able to bring it up in my session today with my psychologist, which I struggled to talk about it to begin with, so I just showed her what I'd written, and then I was able to talk a bit more about it.
We discussed it a bit and she said it sounds like the psychiatrist is doing a bit of therapy in the session and because of my history, I'm possibly confused as to why. The particular thing from last psychiatrist appointment my psychologist said it sounded like a normal reaction for me to close up...

I'm going to do the exercise my psychologist gave me and see how it goes. I am seeing them both within a week of each other again, which is a little bit amusing to me..

Thank you all for your help/advice/support. I'll update how I got next session, next month Smiley Happy

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Re: Psychiatrist

im really glad you have a clearer idea @Bee helps doesnt it! my psych tries to counsel me too and it does get really confusing and i find i shut down too. all i wanted to do was discuss meds not my traumas etc. 

i hope your next session goes abit better for you Smiley Happy

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Psychiatrist

Thanks @scared01 I'm not really fussed with what she does really. My psychologist said if she has a better idea of me it might help to made more informed decisions about meds.
I don't see either of them for a few weeks, but I'm hoping that the next session is better

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart