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Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Wow that feels good that you can relate @WheresMySquishy.. sorry it happened to you as well tho
I hate it..
I know I’m safe now but my mind just keeps going back to that time
I’ll have a look at that link Smiley Happy thanks

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

I really hate flashbacks too @Bananatime04. It can really feel like you're still re-experiencing the past. Smiley Sad Luckily my flashbacks got more manageable and less with time and therapy.

I hope the ideas in the links can help you. Heart

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Thanks @Bananatime04! My girlfriend isn't moving in with us, we have only been together for a year so we aren't quite ready for that just yet. Hopefully in a year or 2 we might give that a try. 


I'm really sorry your counsellor had to cancel your appointment, but don't give up hope! Little inconveniences like that happen all the time, but I'm sure they will be able to reschedule for some other time.


Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

For sure! @Bananatime04 

It's so great to jump in from time to time and witness the amazing support that the members provide to each other, including yourself Smiley Happy

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Hi @Bananatime04,


It sounds like it has been a difficult couple of days, but I can also see you have been able to reflect some positives and the little things that make your day brighter, for example the beautiful little bird you saved! Heart I've also noticed that you have been working hard to cope with difficult feelings, and that speaking to others has been a really important way you have been able to work through the tough times. This is so important and we really encourage you to keep reaching out to your supports, especially counselling and phone supports when you need it. 


I can see that you have been working hard to stay safe and that the community here has been a great support Heart I do just want to send a quick reminder about community safety when talking about self harm- it is really important for your safety and the safety of our community to consider how we talk about self harm on the forums. Remembering that if you are feeling unsafe, it is time to step off the forums and access a crisis support service or professional support, and if talking about self harm let the community know you are safe and what supports/steps you are taking to seek safety. Things I know we have spoken about before, and have seen you take amazing steps forward to do Smiley Happy We know that you know yourself best, and we trust you know when it is time to step off the forums and seek professional support Heart


We are going to be making a resource shortly to help members make decisions about how and when to talk safely about self harm on the forums and hopefully this will help you too, but in the meantime have a look back at the community guidelines around posting about safety, they can be really helpful Heart 


I am also seeing this thread is getting quite long- I feel like so many people reading can relate to the things you have been feeling, and could also learn a lot from the strategies and coping skills you have been working on Smiley Happy To make it easier for others to find, respond to and read, we encourage you to make a new thread (you can use this link here), alternatively we can start a new one for you by moving one of your posts across Smiley Happy Let me know which you would prefer and we will make the new thread today Heart


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask myself @Bre-RO or @Claire-RO Heart 


Check out our community activities calendar for October 2019 here

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Yea they feel so real @WheresMySquishy 😕
Those links were helpful to read tho 😊 thanks!

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

That’ll be exciting and hopefully that’s something you can look forward to instead of being scared to move in by yourself Smiley Happy just remind yourself that after you get through it alone, you’ll have your girlfriend soon. It would be a good independence test too! I’d fail for sure..

Thanks for that little motivation there Smiley Happy I just sent her an email asking to see her tomorrow.

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Wow @Jess1-RO 😯 thank you so much 💗
Sorry for not confirming my safety.. I’ve been really off for a few weeks and I just can’t think so I don’t even read my posts before I send them.. I just can’t be bothered. I have no motivation. That sounds really bad..
Would you be able to tag me in that when you make it please 😊 I’m not very good at talking about it and I agree it would be helpful!
I’ll make a new thread soon.. I have been thinking about it but haven’t had a chance to do it. Do you have any ideas of what I should call it?
Thanks for your reply ☺️

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Hey @Tiny_leaf Smiley Happy
How you going?

Re: TW- what’s holding me back from suicide?

Hi @Bananatime04 Smiley Happy

Eh, I'm alright. I'm trying to make some jewellery rn. How about you?