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Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

I would be willing to try it but I'm just not to sure if I want to talk to someone on the phone yet because it has taken me forever to speak up about this and I not really too sure what would happen if I called the number is there a way that you can contact them without having to make a phone call. Have you ever called them if so what happened and what type of questions did they ask?


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16. Thank you for sharing some more of your story - I'm sorry to hear how difficult things have been with the anorexia. It is a horrible illness and you are so strong for surviving. What do you think helped you get through that time when things were so tough? 


And yes! You can absolutely contact KHL without phoning. Their website is here - and you can choose to webchat or even send them an email. You could also use the eheadspace service, which provides web chat as well. 


I've spoken to them many times over email, phone and webchat. If it's webchat you're using, what happens is that you answer some basic questions (like your age, what name you want to be called, your gender, whether you've used kids helpline before, and your postcode) in an online form and then you're logged in and wait for someone to be available to talk. 


The counsellor who comes to chat with you will tell you their first name. They'll ask you things like generally what's been going on for you; what you're hoping to achieve by talking to them today; who the support people are in your life, things like that. 


It won't be all questions, either. They want to listen to what you need to say, and they'll help you find ways of feeling better. They might also ask whether you're safe at home, and whether you are having thoughts of hurting yourself. 


Is there anything else you want to know about the service? 


Here for you if you want to talk more or share more xx


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hi, I think I will try kids helpline,  

in my last post, I said that I will tell you about this year. So at the start of the year, I slowly started to recover from anorexia but I still think that I need to lose weight and sometimes I skip meals. It was such a relief to finish primary school because it was like leaving all my bad memories behind and starting over. The year started well and I made two friends that were really good for a while  but then we joined a group of girls and that was when things started to get bad the group was the so-called popular group I found out that one of the girls said that she was going to be the replacement for me everyone in the group was always really mean to me and one of the girls made up this dare which was really inappropriate it that girl also cyberbullied me once. I eventually left that group and was on my own for a while I tried to fit in with other people but it never works I have one friend and she is the only person that knows about this. Sometimes I get voices in my head of a lady mocking me and my OCD and anxiety is still just as bad. Every day I live in extreme fear and I have an inability to control my fear I avoid social situations lots and prefer to not have friends. I am at a point in my life where I have self-harmed and I am desperate to be on medication.  


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16. I'm glad to hear that kids helpline is something you feel able to try! I know it takes a lot of courage every time you reach out to someone new, but I believe in you. 


Every time you share more of your story, I'm amazed by your resilience and strength. I hope you realise that you are an amazing person for surviving all of this struggle and now for reaching out and asking for help. There's a couple of RO articles that you might be interested in checking out - and


It sounds really tough to have so much anxiety about social situations, and to have had those bad experiences with girls in your year. People can be really mean Smiley Sad It's great to hear that you have a friend who sticks by you, though. What kinds of things do you like to do with this friend? 


I know you mentioned that it's difficult for you to see a GP at the moment because your mother doesn't take your health problems seriously. But since you really want to be on medication, I wonder if there is anyone else in your life who might be able to take you to the GP? An older sibling, aunty or uncle, grandparent, or even a religious leader or elder? These experiences sound really tough, and you shouldn't have to go through this alone! 


Do you have any hobbies or things that you enjoy doing @Pariscat16? Sometimes doing things we enjoy helps to distract us from anxiety - I find art and tv shows really help me when my anxiety is very high. 


Let us know how you go with kids helpline! 




Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

hey @DruidChild thank you so much for sticking around for so long it really feels good to tell someone all of this how will actually listen I don't really think there is anyone I can get to take me to the GP but when I start seeing the wellbeing coordinater I will tell her all of this and maybe she can get my mum to take me where my dad is not very nice and sometimes he can be verbally abusive in the summer holidays my mum went away and he was really mean to me and my siblings.  Me and my friend like doing lots of things but she is also kind of going through a similar thing to me I was thinking about it because she is the kind of person w who might be a really good friend one minute but if you do something wrong then the friendship is over she is also suicidal and once when she was in a bad mood we were at the shops and she wanted to steal things but I stopped her. I do dance and I really like knitting and other craft things like DIY. I am really interested in forensic science and I love cats, I also really enjoy cooking and home decor. In the coming holiday's I might be doing some work experience at a cafe.


What sort of things do you like doing? and if you don't mind me asking how old are you?  

Thanks for giving the details of the support services. 


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, great to hear from you again. We're all here to listen! I'm so glad that talking is being helpful for you Smiley Very Happy


Fair enough; it sounds like seeing the wellbeing coordinator will be a really positive step for you! I hope that can happen for you soon. 

I'm sorry to hear that about your dad Smiley Sad It's not okay for him to treat you and your siblings that way. It could be a good idea to have a chat about your dad with the wellbeing coordinator as well? 


Mm it's tough when friends have their own head stuff to deal with...sounds like you're being a good friend and helping her to make good choices! If you're worried about her, it's okay to get an adult involved - a teacher or someone else. 


Wow, dance, cooking, knitting, those all sound like awesome interests to have! What kind of dancing do you do? And oh my goodness I loooooove cats!!! 




Ooh forensic science sounds so interesting! Do you have a favourite science fact? 


Sure! I'm 20 Smiley Happy I'm a nursing student so I'm pretty into science as well, especially biology. I also really love art and creative writing Smiley Happy  


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety


My friend see's the well-being coordinator at school she is a lot better than she was a few years ago, she used to hit people when she got mad. I think she just has trouble controlling her anger and then that leads to her wanting to steal stuff from the shops. She does other things like setting up accounts without her parent's permission and one time she said to me that if I ever kill my self then tell her so we can do it together.


I think talking to the well-being coordinator about my dad would be a good idea, last year my dad got really mad at me for something and didn't talk to me for a whole year not even said happy birthday when it was my birthday.


I do Cecchetti ballet and jazz as well, today I did my grade five ballet exam. I don't really have a favorite science fact but I just like everything about it in general.  

What is it like being a med student? what do you have to do?This is my cat he is a ragdoll cat, (look at it from landscape veiw).This is my cat he is a ragdoll cat, (look at it from landscape veiw).




Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, how are you travelling today? Smiley Happy 


That's great to hear that your friend is getting some help. It sounds like things have been tough for her too...which I can imagine is another stressful thing for you as well!!


I'm sorry to hear that Smiley Sad Hopefully the wellbeing coordinator will be able to help! It sounds very understandably upsetting to have your dad not speak to you. Being ignored, especially by someone in your family or friend group, is really painful. What kinds of things do you think you could do to take care of yourself if that happens again? 

Do any of the mods want to add anything about waht to do when parents treat you like that? @Ben-RO @Bree-RO @Mona-RO


Oh wow! How did your exam go? I did classical ballet for a while, it's a really beautiful art form. And your cat is beautiful!!! Heart


It's really interesting being a nursing student! We do a lot of biology, but we also combine that with learning lots of practical things like how to dress wounds, do assessments, and help people eat and move. 


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety


@Pariscat16! I really liked these images...maybe they can help you too? ❤️ 






Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

I am good thanks.

Last night I heard another voice in my head but this time it felt more real. I was walking over to my bookshelf and suddenly I heard someone say the word yum in my ear, I know this sounds strange and crazy but I am not joking the thing that made it seem even more real was that I felt someone touch my ear. I don't know if it is actually real or all in my head.


Mostly when my dad doesn't talk to me I don't really know what to do because if you try to talk to him he just gets mad he also gets angry at my mum a lot, he has never physically hurt someone but mostly it is just verbally. Thanks for the photos.  


My ballet exam went really good thanks, I think the examiner was nice this time the last couple of years the examiner was really harsh at marking the exam.