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Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, good to hear from you again Smiley Very Happy


It sounds like hearing a new voice has made you feel a bit worried? Or something else? It doesn't sound strange or crazy, I believe that was what you experienced; in fact, quite a few forum members here have experience with hearing voices! It may have not been 'real' in the sense that there wasnt somebody else in the room with you, but it doesn't mean that you didn't hear it and that it wasn't a real experience for you. 

Have you been able to have a chat with someone from kids helpline yet? They might be able to chat with you about this until you're able to see your wellbeing coordinator. 


I'm glad to hear that you're physically safe around your dad Smiley Happy I know from experience though that when someone is being angry and yelling or saying hurtful things, it can can be very stressful and upsetting Smiley Sad Is there maybe somewhere safe you could go to get away from the stress of your dad being mad, maybe a grandparent's house, or your room? I find listening to music really loudly through headphones is super helpful when people in my family are fighting. 


Yay! Well done. Nice examiners really make it easier...What are your plans for today? 

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16 I'd say it'd be a good idea to mention hearing that voice to one of the online counsellors at khl, or anyone you feel comfortable with. Do you think you could do that?


I'm glad he's never physically hurt you. The verbal stuff can be pretty painful too though. Do you have somewhere you can go or something you can do to get away in those situations? e.g. closing a bedroom door, going for a walk?


Glad to hear your ballet exam went well! I've never done ballet but it's something I've often thought about/had an interest in... 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

@DruidChild just wanted to say I really admire all the support you've given in this thread - excellently done!! Heart

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Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey, @DruidChild

I haven't been able to talk to kids helpline yet I have tried doing the webchat a couple of times but it did not seem to work. Do you know what the problem here is? I might try doing the chat by email.


It is quite tough with my dad sometimes and he is so rude to my mum. One time my mum told me that she wishes she did not marry him and she hopes that in the future they are not together. I really don't like him and even though it might sound mean I feel as if I don't want him to be my dad, he is so selfish and even our grandparents notice it one time my Nana talked to my mum about how he has changed because he did not use to be like this.  We are also not in touch with some of our cousins because of him.


Today I am going to dance competitions yesterday I went there to do my jazz comp, that was really good. Today I am doing my solo and on Monday I am doing a ballet troupe with my ballet class. 

What are you doing? Do you have to do surgery on people being a med student?

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety


@letitgo I will probably mention hearing voices to KHL I just hope they will believe me because most people in my family don't. I can get away in those situations but sometimes when he gets mad at my mum it makes me scared that he will hurt her and I want to make sure that doesn't happen. To be honest when my mum went away at the start of the year and my dad was in charge of us for 9 days at one point I thought he might try and kill me.

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, have you been able to make contact with KHL yet?

I hope KHL believe you too. Although I can't make any promises, I think it's likely they will, and I assure you that I (and the others on here) believe you and want the best for you.

I'm sorry you have to live in that situation with your dad.


How is the weekend going for you? 

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Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Thanks @letitgo Smiley Happy 


@Pariscat16 hmm that's a problem. What exactly is happening when you try to use the webchat? Maybe I can help you troubleshoot it! Otherwise, yeah, email could be a good alternative Smiley Happy I'm pretty sure they try to reply within 24 hours...I'll just add too that I really do believe that they'll believe you about the voices! 


That sounds really tough for you, and for your mum and other family Smiley Sad It's not mean to say you don't want him to be your dad, he should not be treating you in a way that makes you afraid for your own or your mum's safety. If you're scared that he is going to hurt your mum or you, you have the right to call someone else to come and help look after you, like the police. 


Wow how cool that you do dance comps! You must be a really good dancer Smiley Very Happy What's your fave style to compete in? 


Ah that would be awesome, but unfortunately I don't do anything like that! Mostly we practice things like doing health assessments, giving medication, taking blood pressures, on mannequins or each other. It's really fun Smiley Happy 

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hi, @DruidChild,

My favourite dance style would probably be neo-classical, for the comps, I competed in a jazz troupe, a solo and a ballet troupe.  

When I use the webchat it takes a really long time to load I can get into the part where I just have to wait for someone to be online but it always seems to take forever, maybe I'm just not patient enough but I have tried multiple times. I'm not really too sure what I should say in the email to KHL,  

I'm not really too sure what I should say in the email to KHL, what do you think I should say?

Also, do you know what CBT is all about I have heard of it but I don't really know what actually happens? I have heard that sometimes with OCD therapists use a technique on patients when they are exposed to the certain thing they are afraid of that I don't think that would work with what I am afraid of.  One more thing how do you know when you should go to a mental hospital for your mental illness.

I'm sorry to keep asking you questions I know you're not a psychologist but I'm just curious to know and @letitgo if you have anything to add to this please say maybe you know the answers to my question too. 


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, thanks for getting in touch again ^__^ Nice! You sound really committed to your dancing, kudos to you cause doing that much performing takes serious dedication. 


Hmm it is possible you just need to wait a bit longer...unfortunately when they're busy it can take up to an hour for a counsellor to come and chat. Sucks, hey? But if you're keen to email instead that's just as good. 

It can be really difficult to decide what to say in that first email. You can say whatever you like! If you want to, you can even copy and paste paragraphs from your posts here into your email. If I were you, I would probably use a few different paragraphs to talk about your anxiety and OCD; the voices you've been hearing; stuff with your dad; and anything else you want to talk about! They will not judge you at all for whatever you say. 


Yeah, I do! I've done CBT and I think quite a lot us here have too. CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and it's a type of therapy used a lot for anxiety and depression. It involves recognising that the things we do, feel, and think are all connected, and that changing our thoughts can help us to feel less anxious. If you end up seeing a counsellor or psychologist, they might do some CBT with you, or there's also workbooks that you can use on your own! Do you want to add anything @letitgo


When you talk about a treatment that involves being exposed to things that trigger your OCD, that sounds like exposure therapy or direct exposure therapy. I'm pretty sure it's a form of CBT! It involves experiencing things that make you anxious in a safe and controlled way.


For example, if someone was very anxious about going to parties they might start by going to the party and staying for ten minutes, and then gradually increasing that until they feel safe enough to stay for the whole party. Does that make any sense or have I explained that really badly? Smiley Tongue This technique SOUNDS very scary, but I've used it before, and it's actually okay.


But you're definitely right - it's not the right treatment for every fear for everyone! If you're worried about it, I would suggest mentioning to your wellbeing coordinator or anyone else you end up seeing that it's something you have concerns about trying. 


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

@Pariscat16 Just replying in too posts here so you don't get info overload! Apologies if I'm talking too much - I tend to do that Smiley Tongue


Yeah I'm not a psychologist but I'm always happy to have a stab at answering anything you want to know! Ask away Smiley Happy I've experienced a lot of this stuff from the perspective of someone who's mentally ill so anything I can answer I will! 


You asked when should you go to hospital for your mental illness. Usually people are hospitalised because their symptoms can't be treated out of hospital; because they want to hurt themself; or because they want to hurt someone else. 

If you feel like you can't stay safe out of hospital, like you might end your life, or anything else that you don't feel able to cope with, what people usually do (and what I've done in the past) is to go to your hospital's emergency department and tell the triage worker what's happening for you. 

You'll speak to a few different people, like a doctor, a mental health worker, and a psychiatrist. Together they'll decide with you whether or not you need to be in hospital for a bit. 


I hope that helps! Hugs HeartHeartHeart