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Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16

It's totally up to you how often you post here, so please don't be sorry Smiley Happy


You seem so self-aware to be able to recognise that your anorexia habits are coming back, @DruidChild has linked a good website which I think would be helpful to look at.


With the self-harm is there any positive coping methods you could use to postpone harming yourself again?

We have a story over here about managing the urges to self-harm and how one person created a box to help get them through the urges. Could this be something you'd be interested in?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hi, @Bee@cola, @DruidChild,

Haven't posted in a while, I've just had so many things on my mind and have been really down with my mental health. I haven't had the energy to think about more than I can handle. I think the self-harm is getting worse and there is so much going on with my friend. 

After all the complications with my friend, I don't know why but somehow I am still friends with her and she has changed to be not so controlling with me. But now my friend is having a hard time with this other girl at my school, who is also my friend. They really hate each other and I feel like when I am with one of them I am forced to say bad things about the other. Which I hate because I don't like being mean to people and then they go tell each other what I said about them. Then get angry at me.  The whole thing has made big complications and now it is getting really bad because my friend and I tried to talk to the other girl (whose name is Alissa) about us all sitting down and telling each other the truth because otherwise, this is never going to get anywhere, but she refused to talk and said things like that she doesn't have anything to say and won't say anything. 

It's getting to the point now when I think Alissa is the one who is making the problem and purposely trying to stop me from being friends with the other girl.  It's just really getting to me thing stupid thing because I really afraid they will leave me at the end of it and then I will have no one. 


I have started seeing the school psychologist which started last week. I really like it and hopefully, it will help.


I've also been looking into BPD and I just don't know why but everything I read about it, it all explains everything and I just feel like it sounds a lot like me, I'm not self-diagnosing I think that maybe I don't just have OCD and there is something else too. Do you know any ways I could tell the psychologist because I have heard that health professionals don't like dealing with things to do with BPD but I really think It needs to be spoken about?




Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

@Pariscat16 I'm sorry to hear that you've not been feeling well recently. But I'm glad to hear tht you've started to see your school psychologist! That's really awesome. Well done!

That sounds pretty intense with your friends!
Did something happen to why these girls don't like each other?
When you said you don't like being mean and talking nastily about your friends, I wonder if you could diffuse the chat by refusing to talk negatively about her?
Its great that you tried to sit down with everyone and talk it out. But it sounds like it didn't go so well? Is that correct?

When you say BPD are you referring to Bi-Polar Disorder or Boarderline Personality Disorder?
Maybe you could say that you've done some reading and it sounds a bit like what you're experiencing?

I'm going to tag some other members and they might be able to help with some ideas Smiley Happy
@honky @N1ghtW1ng @T4ils @lokifish @SmileMonkey

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, I'm sorry that things have been so difficult lately. I hope the school psychologist is continuing to be helpful? 


@Bee asked some really good questions there. How have things been with your friends since you last posted? 


I agree that professionals are reluctant to discuss or diagnose BPD, especially in people under 25. If it's something that's concerning you, though, I would suggest bringing it up with your gp or psychologist as something that's been on your mind lately. 

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, I have had anxiety for a while now but I have only found out about it last year, it all started when my dad passed away 10 years ago. I totally understand what you mean when people make jokes about anxiety and mental health in general, it really annoys me. Here if you need a chat!! Heart

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hi @DruidChild@less123321@Bee

I think the psychologist is helpful but they don't seem to give too much advice on how I can manage things.


Things with my friends have been better and they have stopped say too much stupid stuff about each other. I really want to talk about BPD but I'm just afraid to say anything I don't really know how I can say something without feeling ashamed that they won't believe me. I have read that there are two types of BPD the one type which is called the "classic" type and then the "quiet" type. I'm more of the quiet type but because of this, I don't think people realize what is happening and so would think the symptoms of BPD don't sound like me at all.


I really don't know what to do anymore the friend I have from year 9 she is leaving the school she means so much to me because she is the only person who has ever accepted me, put up with my moods and cared enough to help me she is the person I always talk to and the person I can trust better than anyone in my life. ever since finding out that she was leaving I just feel a burden all the time my anxiety is worse and same with the OCD and now that she is leaving I feel like things are going to become really bad and I have a tendency to be really depressed when something like this happens and I think that because she won't be here anymore and I feel like I need that person in my life to lean bakc on a bit because I don't get much surport with things ever and having her there was a bit of a relief.

I don't know what to do. 


Hope you are all good, have a Merry ChristmasHeartHeartHeart

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, have you ever heard of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)? It was created specifically for individuals with BPD/BPD symptoms and there's heaps of information about it online which you might find helpful.


Also, a DBT therapist would be open and not averse to the treatment of BPD symptoms. This website has some information on it if you're interested.  


Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!! Smiley Happy 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16 I've read your post and sorry to hear your friend is leaving school. Sounds like it's feeling pretty overwhelming for you right now?

I agree with @letitgo and would look into DBT, I've been working on DBT skills with my psychologist this year and it's been beneficial for me and helped get through those times where it all feels too much.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hi @DruidChild, @letitgo, @Bee

I know its been a while but I just wanted to thank you all for what you have done for me. You were always there when I needed it and never gave up on me I know I have never actually met any of you but to me it feels like I have. One thing I long for in life is to have someone I can trust and you have made me very welcome here and I am very thankful that you will just listen to what Ihave to say without criticising me. You always listened to me ramble on about my mental health even if it might of been slightly annoying now that my ftiend has left I feel very alone but Reachout is still thd last safe place I have to be. I don't know how to thank you enough but I will always be here for you as much as you have to me. Thank you

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

@Pariscat16 This just made my day! Smiley Happy
You are very welcome for the support, it's what the whole site is designed for. I'm glad to hear you've felt welcome and supported Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart