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Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Thank you so much for your kindness @Pariscat16. I'm so glad we have had a positive impact. I really enjoy having you as part of the RO community and value your compassion and self awareness heaps! Heart


How are you doing today? Remember that we're always here for you and happy to do everything we can to help, you're never annoying! 


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

@DruidChild, @Bee, @letitgo 

Hey it's been a while I know I just have been really having a hard time lately ever since the closest person to me left my school things have been tough I tried to catch up with her in the holidays but it didn't work out. She was kind of like the glue holding me together and sge  made me feel really special and like somebody cared for me. Recently there has been this guy I like and I don't really know if he likes me too but the other day I came to the realization that I like him but also I wish he liked me because then it would make me feel like some body cared for me again and could of chosen anyone else but they chose me. I just don't think he likes me and I miss my friends so much and I just feel likw if he liked me I would feel the way I did when I had my friend there for me. I just feel so sad and tired abd anxious these days I finished the seasons I had with my psychologist but I feel like I need  more but my mum is not being nice about my mental health these days. My psychologist seems to think I should be in a eating disorders unit. I just want to die. I just feel like I want to breakdown but I don't have anyone to go to. Sorry I this is too much to take in I'm just really not doing good these days.

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16, i'm sorry that you're not feeling great at the moment. I know from personal experience that it can be really awful when someone close to you leaves school - especially if they mean a lot to you and they're a source of support. Are there other friends that you have at that school that you feel like you could reach out to about this? If not, do you think that there would be some other ways that you could get involved at school to help build more social support.
I know that it can be really confusing when you like someone and you're not sure when you like them back. When you like people there can often be a lot of really intense emotions involved and it's really easy to overthink things and feel anxious. Have you tried talking to this guy to see if you can figure out more about how he feels about you?
It's also such a shame that your mum isn't being too accepting about your mental health. From what I know, there are some free ways to see psychologists when you visit your GP and get a mental health care plan. Do you feel like this is something that could work for you?
Let me know how it all goes Smiley Happy
- BoM

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16
It sucks when people we are closest with leave our school, it's definitely a hard thing to manage while trying to cope with everything else!
I'm sorry to hear your mum isn't being supportive of your mental health. BasketofMonkeys has given an awesome suggestion about seeing a gp and seeing a psychologist, which I think is a great idea and might be beneficial, what do you think?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @Pariscat16,


It's been a while since we talked, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to your most recent message! Glad to see you've had some awesome answers from other community members ^__^ 


How are you doing today? It sounds like things have been really tough. Heart


Oh gosh I relate so much to the feeling of wanting to be loved just so it feels like somebody cares about you. It's really hard, isn't it? Something that I've found has helped is building up my sense of identity - when I feel stronger in myself, and by that I mean understanding who I am and what my values and goals are, I don't feel so devastated by being alone. 


With the psychologist, is there any way you could see someone else for a while? I know kids helpline used to do ongoing counselling over the phone or online, I'm not 100% sure if they still do. You might also be able to talk to a youth worker or someone similar at a headspace centre, even if you're not able to speak to a psychologist. 


Sending you good vibes, take care Heart

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey, reading this really makes me feel for what your going through. I had the EXACT same thing, it describes what i went through pretty much exactly, so i really understand the pain your going through.

When i was in grade six, i had the biggest fear of getting gastro and throwing up, that whenever anyone i knew just 'felt sick' i had really big anxiety attacks. Because i was always so anxious, i always felt sick, so i thought i was getting gastro and it made it even worse. Because i thought i was actually had a gastro bug, i didn't eat. At the time, i didnt even know i had anxiety. i thought i was just sick. As a result of me not eating, it made me feel even more sick, until finally, my mum took my to the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne. I had a sever eating disorder and severe anxiety, and they actually never found anything else wrong with me. It proves what the mind can do i guess. It took me about a year to get over the SEVERE anxiety, but this was three years ago, and i still suffer a small amount. i completely understand and get you!

I always got reminded 'How many times have you thought you've had gastro when it was just you worrying' which is really true. In all that time, i didnt have it ONCE! We have really good immune systems, which makes it really hard for us to catch things like this. By the sounds of it, you don't catch these things easily! I haven't had gastro since i was in grade two, and now i'm in year 9! I had a psychologist who helped me, and to show that nothing would happen, after walking on the hospital floors, she took off her shoe and licked it, and of course, nothing happened (i thought she was insane haha). 

Just know that you are not alone, and that i get you, when others just don't seem to understand. xoxo


Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Hey @HannahMarie, welcome to RO and thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I'd greatly appreciate it Smiley Happy. I was wondering if you could also introduce yourself on this thread here? You sound like an amazing person and I would love to get to know you more on the forums. 

Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: Reaching out to anyone with OCD or anxiety

Sure, ill have a look at that Smiley Wink @Esperanza67