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Recs for a GP (in Perth)

Hi Everyone,


I'm hoping some of you might be able to recommend a GP in Perth who is good with bipolar disorder.  It isn't for me (although I have had enough of my own misadventures with mental health physicians to fill this board 10 times over), but my friend whom I am asking on behalf of is unfortunately too deep into psychosis at this stage to possibly enquire for herself.


Making things worse, she is currently going through some really traumatic family stuff, so needs a doc who is capable of being sympathetic as well as knowing how to work with someone in the full-flight of a manic swing.


Any help would be *amazing*. Thanks y'all Smiley Happy




Re: Recs for a GP (in Perth)

Hey BellsOn,

Welcome to Reach Out.

It's great that you are looking out for your friend but unfortunately these forums aren't really designed for finding specific health professionals in specific places.

I can strongly recommend this website however:
They list GPs who have a special interest in mental health.

Also, if you are near a Headspace Centre and your friend is under 25, they are fantastic for providing help for mental health problems - their team includes GPs as well. Check out where the Headspace Centres are located here:

I hope you find someone who can help your friend.


Re: Recs for a GP (in Perth)

Besides following the advice that MM has given, just a regular GP should be able to provide a list of recomendation to good pschologists, thearpist, pschiatrists, or whatever is needed to best suit your friend (hopefully they'll have been doing it long enough to have weeded out the bad ones). If your friend is at school, university or tafe, they should also have some sort of support system, and usually have people to recomend, or could work with your friend and they're family to find a really good doctor.