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Hiee i i am Mahida . I am studying in standard 12 and having girlfriend . But she is of another higher cast and her mother is against me .her mother had fixed her engagement with some navy boy and all her family members are agree for marriage . So what should i do . I truly love the girl but her mother is against of us .


Re: Relationship

Hey @Basharat, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that. It sounds like a very difficult situation for you to be in. You must be feeling quite upset and powerless - those types of feelings can be so devastating. What options do you think you have in this situation? Just so you know, I have sent you an email Smiley Happy

Re: Relationship

Hi @Basharat! Welcome to the ReachOut forums!

That sounds like a really tricky, stressful situation. Smiley Sad
Have you tried discussing it with your girlfriend? How does she feel about all this?