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Thank you for the help.

Re: I don’t know if I am asexual or just petrified of sex.

Hi there @PeachPlum and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy


Thank you for sharing your story with us. Sex is often pushed as being very important in the lives of people, either through tv, movies or relationships but that isn't always true for everyone. It is definitely okay for you to never have sex, it's not a requirement if it's not something you are interested in. Sexuality and attraction is a confusing topic, and it's okay to not understand it completely. 


It seems like the counselor you saw wasn't very helpful, is that right? Do you think trying to see another counselor might be something you could try? Another great place you can check out is QLife, they have a phone and webchat open from 3pm to midnight every day and specialise in discussing sexuality, gender, bodies and relationships. What do you think?



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Re: I don’t know if I am asexual or just petrified of sex.

Thank you @Jay-RO for responding.


I wouldn't say my counselor was entirely unhelpful, but I think whatever it is that may be causing how I feel and think about sex is a little out of her own understanding and she seemed slightly frustrated with my lack of progress. I definitely could seek out another counselor, I just wouldn't look forward to trying to describe everything to someone else again. I've not heard of QLife, but I will look into it as another option.


Thank you for your help!

Re: I don’t know if I am asexual or just petrified of sex.

Hey @PeachPlum, it is great to hear that parts of your psychology sessions have been useful. It is totally normal to want to speak to a psychologist who has more understanding and patience. The relationship between you and your therapist is one of the most important components of counselling. It is definitely tiring to have to repeat yourself all over again although it could really be worth it if it meant you'd find a more ideal fit. It is of course up to you, just some ideas to float around.

QLife is a really awesome service that provides counselling as @Jay-RO mentioned Heart