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Scared and nervous, advice please?

Hi there,

On Monday I have to go into headspace for my first appointment with a psychologist. I'm really nervous because I've had some really bad and traumatic experiences with psychologists before. I was wondering if anyone has got any advice for me on how I can calm myself down before going into the appointment and what I should be like? I'm just really nervous and I've been stressing about it for ages and ages so yeah...

Re: Scared and nervous, advice please?

Hi @Pillow 

Great question! I think everyone is always a bit curious about what to expect.


@tay had a similar question late last year before going; thankfully they came back and shared how things went. You can read about it over in this thread.


Also, @coffeeandwords had a similar question earlier this year. We didn't hear back but they seemed pretty reassured going into it. Maybe this post will give them a little nudge to let you know how it went?


From all the reports we've heard, Headspace are really really good. We wouldn't recommend them as often as we do if they weren't! Smiley Very Happy


As for how you should be: just be open and honest with them and with yourself. 


Let us know how your appointment goes on Monday. Sharing your experience will not only help you, but help others who visit ReachOut with the same question. Smiley Happy

Re: Scared and nervous, advice please?

Hey Pillow!

It's great that you're still taking the step to seek help despite past experiences. I'm sorry that you've had a tough time with psychologists in the past.
I wish I had some advice for you, but I've never been to headspace before, though I've seen lots of people speak very highly of their services and I've been considering it lately.
Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. I hope everything goes well.

Re: Scared and nervous, advice please?

Hey @Pillow - how did you go at Headspace today? We'd love to hear about it (and our fingers a crossed it went well)

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