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School regrets

So at the moment I am half way through VCE year 11 and I'm regretting everything,


I no longer want to do psychology as I'm finding it hard and a little but boring and my VET music industry course isn't what i though it would be like


I really wish I did VET screen and media instead as I'm interested in working in the film industry or becoming a photographer and I'm pretty sure you can't enrol in a VET subject half way through the year 


I'm leaning towards going to TAFE to a certificate IV in photography and screen and media however I feel like i'll disadvantaged for the screen and media one because I don't have certificate III. Then again I still have no idea what I want to be when I'm older and I feel pressured to make a choice. 


I feel like I've screwed up my entire education and I wish i could redo everything and change my subjects. I'm at a complete loss and I feel like I won't get anywhere in life


I don't know if anyone would have any advice for me but I needed let out my thoughts before they consumed me






Re: School regrets

Hi @makeitlovely


I'm sorry to hear that you have not been enjoying certain subjects this year. 

Nevertheless, I think it's good that you have recognised a problem, acknowledged your feelings and reached out for some advice.


I am a big believer about how anything is possible especially if you are determined and put your mind to it. So, I don't believe you have screwed up your education - it may be that you might take a not so straightforward path than you initially planned, and that is okay. 


I wonder if you could speak to someone at school about what your options might be. Perhaps your year coordinator, home room teacher, principal or even the teacher that was there when you selected your year 11 and 12 subjects. Even though it is the school holidays, I'm sure there are some staff who might be working and are willing to listen to your concerns. These are the people that really do care about your academics and well-being Smiley Happy


Re: School regrets

Hi @makeitlovely
Sounds like your feeling quite stressed about your eduation right now. I don't think you've screwed amything up at all. It can be pretty daunting to feel like you have to decide now what you want to do in your future. I know I was kind of on the fence but knew where I wanted to head, and 5 years later I'm going in a completely different direction and have changed career ideas a few times!

@ryvb3 poses a good question about talking to someone at school. They would know if you can switch subjects etc. And may be able to give you some other career/education advice.

You mentioned you'd like to do a cert 4 in photography, screen and media but feel you'd be disadvantaged not having done the cert 3. What if you completed the cert 3 then the cert 4. Be mindful that sometimes the higher courses may require you to have completed the below cert and others aren't fused. Also I would advise checking out where the course can lead you and what you'll be learning during the course so you'll know what to expect ☺

Remember that no decision is a wrong move and there are plently of pathways you can take. Please don't feel as though tou have to make your mind up on what you want to do 10 years from now - not everyone knows this. ❤

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: School regrets

Hi @makeitlovely


As humans we are indecisive af. I know I am. Lots of people don't know what they want to do when they grow up and lots of people change career paths for the same reasons you are describing. It's not what you thought it would be etc. This was the case for me, and this happened to me during university so I had lots of extra debt I had to carry on. I changed degrees half way through my first because I just wasn't interested in it anymore. 


I can feel your stress and worry, it's definitely understandable. Honestly the impact that high school has on TAFE and university is so little. From what I heard from other people that did TAFE certificates, the difference in III and IV is very small. Yes you'll be at a disadvantage but a tiny one and if you work really hard, you should be just fine.

Re: School regrets

Hey there @makeitlovely, how are things going with school?