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basically this is a little rant and I need peoples opinion. 

Basically I have learning difficulties and I find English really hard but I'm trying so hard and many people and teachers at the school have said that I have improved so much. 


I had a meeting with the school and they said they think I should move and do something else for year 12 because my English is so bad but I really don't want to. 


I believe I can do the proper year 12 english that most people do, even my English teacher believes I can and she says that she will help me through everything so I shouldn't worry. 


The school still wants me to move school but again I didn't want to... my opinion is if I'm prepared to do all the work and put a lot of effort into it the school should be prepared to teach me an help me when I need help...


I dont know what to do



Re: School

Hey @less123321 thats really tough


Can i ask what sort of school  they are suggesting  then? It seems abit odd that they want you  to  move instead of helping you


Do you think an outside  English  tutor would be helpful as well?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: School

Hi @less123321
I really admire your hardworking attitude! In our conversations here on RO I've always thought that your English was really good!
I'm really glad that you have your English teacher who believes in you.
In my experience, when people have their heart set on working hard and achieving their goals, it is amazing what they can achieve.
Do you have anyone else at your school who is supporting you like your year advisor or any other teachers?

Re: School

hey @scared01 basically they would like me to do VCAL (which they don't offer at my school which means I will have to move) which is basically when you learn English, math ect that you would need in life for example writing invitations and letters. My math is perfectly fine and its actually above average so like its just my English that is bring me down but I'm getting better and I'm trying my hardest and my last English task I did was the first task I have done in about a year that hasn't been modified and I got 65% on it and I think that is pretty good for someone who struggles with English...

In term 3 I'm going to be seeing a tutor that works with people with learning difficulties, its not really English but it is basic skills of sounds and spelling and writing sentences and that will help me so much I think.

Thank you so much for the support I really appreciate it Heart

Re: School

hey @missep
thank you !!
thank you so much for the support Heart

Yes my history teacher he is literally one of he most supportive teachers I have ever had and like the thing that sucks is that I'm not doing history anymore because we only do it in one semester Smiley Sad(((
My house wellbeing person is really supposed to be the person to talk to about these things but she really think I should leave and do something else like VCAL as well... so basically I have no one in the school to talk to about this that thinks I should stay... only my English teacher and my old history teacher..

Re: School

@less123321 While I love the idea of the VCAL being available, and I really wish NSW had that as I know several people who that would have benefited! I think it is unfair that the school wants to push you to do that when you want to try to do the VCE.
I really like that you have a couple of teachers who are really positive about helping you!

Knowing that the VCE will be an incredibly stressful and often at times a testing thing to do (at least that is how I felt with the NSW HSC equivalent), do you think you'd cope through it?

I know it is a hard decision to make, I would if you could sit down with both these teachers together and make a pros and cons list of doing both?
And I question I want to post to you if you decide to try the VCE and do feel it is too hard, and want to then do the VCAL instead, are you able to transfer to the VCAL part way through?
I know you said you want to do the VCE, but maybe knowing that option might help you in making your mind up Smiley Happy

I hope this helps and I'd be interested to see how you go and what you decide! We'll be here to help through it too! <3

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: School

Hey @Bee thank you for responding !!

Same I think VCAL is a great way to do year 12 if you would like to do a TAFE course in the future !!

See I feel confident that I will be able to do it because the only subject I really feel like I will stress most about is English. I have also been talking to my teacher about this program that allows you to get extra ATRA points through how much you help you community with, it basically means if you don't get the atra you need to do a course at uni they can give you extra because of how much you do in the community! Plus you can talk to them about other ways to boost your ATRA score...

I don't think that you can change to VCAL through year 12 but you can apply for non scored VCE which means you will do all the class work and get the S or N but you don't have to sit the exams and you still can get an ATRA score, you can choose which subjects you would like to do that with or you can do them all EXPECT FOR ENGLISH !!! apparently you have to do an English exam to get an atra score which sucks !!

The main reason why I would like to do VCE is because if I do VCAL it means I have to do TAFE but theres not really any courses I would like to do that will help me do what I would like to do in the future...

Plus because they said that cant do it, it really makes me want to do it even more and get a good score to prove to them that even though you told me I couldn't look I can if you know what I mean...

Thank you so much for the support !! Heart

Re: School

65% is an amazing mark @less123321 i struggled quite alot at school  too. Maybe they will reconsider esp with your hard work and the tutoring too. 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: School

@scared01 thank you Heart

Re: School

Hi @less123321


Your school is suggesting you should move schools? That's sounds so strange. For high school can't you just choose the lower standard like Standard English, Advanced English and English as a Second Language (ESL). If you're talking about that then it is best to do the lower level if your teacher suggests it. Getting 90 in the lower grade of English is better than getting 60 in the higher one. 


I know you want to feel normal but in regards to getting a good score to get into university or whatever, the best way is to get a mark as high as possible regardless of the level of English.