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Re: School

hey @LeoTheLion

no you cant at least not at our school.... the only opinions we have at my school are normal English or literature which really sucks !! we really should have more opinions like math... our math opinions are foundation, general or further and methods!

Re: School

Hey @less123321 how is your weekend going? It's great that you want to keep going with the school that you're in. Getting a high score can be nice, but sometimes it's not always necessary for university.
I hope that it goes well for you. Having some teachers that are supportive can be really helpful too. Smiley Happy

Re: School

Damn that sucks @less123321! Having more options is always better. What do you think you'll be doing?

Re: School

Hey @N1ghtW1ng my weekend is going well !! about to watch the footy ahah. Yes thank you !!!, so many people have been telling me that and even my school has, not necessary to me but in general they have been telling us that you can get into courses without a high score, which now thinking about it is really weird that they have been telling girls like me and people who struggle with school to do something other than VCE because they think it will be easier for us in the future which really what it is doing is putting down our confidence because I know that it might be hard but I really do think that I can do VCE and get into the course I want to get into if you know what I mean....

Thank you for the support !!

Re: School

hey @LeoTheLion Yes it does !!

Im definitely staying at the school because I really am enjoying it this year and I'm that type of person that if you tell me I cant do something I want to do it even more to show the people who thought I wouldn't be able to do it that I can if that makes sense

Honestly if they told me to go somewhere else last year I would have totally lifted because I was having such a hard time not just in class but outer class with drama and stuff like that.

I really think the school is doing it because the school I go to is pretty well known for having students graduate with high ATRA scores and I've notice that they really only take interest to the students that do get high results, which is pretty disgusting.

Thanks for the support !

Re: School

Hey @less123321 oh it sucks that your school only cares about high achieving students. I went to a high school a bit similar to that. During the end of school practice exams, the principal took all the high achievers aside and told them not to do a style of writing because it "got lower marks". It's great that you are pushing through that though! Don't let a snooty school stop you from doing what you want and go for it! I believe in you Smiley Happy

The one piece of advice I always try to give students in their final years of high school is this: you don't need a high score, there are ALWAYS other options. The options might take longer, but they are still there and waiting if you need them.

Re: School

thank you so much @N1ghtW1ng !!

Re: School

@less123321 I've just had a read and you've gotten some oretty great advice
from other users! It sounds like you are going to continue with thw school
you'reat and do VCE, is that correct?

I'm glad that you feel confident to do VCE, and want to prove the may
sayers wrong! You go! I've heard of schools doing that to keep their "high
atar" status which seems a bit ridiculous to me tbh.

I find it interesting that VCAL gears towards TAFE and VCE to UNI. What
would you like to study when you finish school?
As mentioned by one of the other users there are always other pathways to
uni (if thats where you want to go) Smiley Happy

I also wanted to empathise with the English stuff with lack of choice in
levels and the fact you have to do the exam regardless. I didn't do well in
English. I found it hard to analyze the texts etc and rember everything! I
also found essays challenging. But I did okay I think my final mark for the
course was somewhere between 40-60 with Standard English... it was so long
ago for me tbh 😛

(Email reply)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: School

Oh yes I definitely agree that's a disgusting behaviour by the school @less123321. Politics in the school system is so shameful...They are messing with children's lives here.


I wish you the best of luck! 

Re: School

Hey @Bee, yes that is correct !!

Yeah ikr like seriously schools are literally are businesses which is so baddd !!

Yeah its a bit weird like I might be wrong but thats what my school has been telling me so hopefully its true aha... I would love to become a graphic designer or a teacher because I LOVE teaching and helping people especially in science.

What did you wanted to do when you left school?

Yeah see I hate English I'm sorry but I don't think I need to write an essay after school !!

Thank you so much for the support xx