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Re: School

yep @LeoTheLion !! it sucks, schools are businesses and thats the sad truth !!

Thank you so much Heart

Re: School

@less123321 Smiley Happy

Oh that sounds really cool! Do you do much designing of things yourself at the moment?
Teaching sounds amazing! That is actually what I wanted to do when I finished school! Alas I didn't get into the uni I wanted and then I started a course in Early Childhood at TAFE, Then I had a bad injury, did a business admin course, and had a bit of work but it didn't work out, and I found out I liked the finance side better, so that's where I'm at now, I'm currently about half way through a cert 4 in Accounting Smiley Happy I'm loving it!

I found that knowing the basis for essays is good, it has helped me write job applications, as I find my better applications and ones where I've been called in for interviews follow a similar kind of structure. And you'll need to know essays for uni. Smiley Tongue They are a necessary evil unfortunately.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart