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So basically my friend sculled half a bottle of vodka last weekend and was hospitalised. She was at a gatho and she passed out, threw up, choked and inhaled her own vomit then she started coughing up blood. It was her first time drinking and she was in Intensive Care. She had to have her stomach pumped and needed a machine to help her breathe. She needed CAT and MRI scans because the doctors thought she was going to have brain damage. She's okay now, but it was just really stressful and I needed to get it off my chest. thanks

Re: Sculling

woah that must've been heaps scary !
it's good to know she's okay now.
you must be heaps relieved.
i have a few friends who kinda push the limits a bit when we go out and sometimes it gets pretty hectic - in a risky kinda way. luckily nothings happened yet - i hope nothing ever happens but. knock on wood

Re: Sculling

Hey chuey,

Sounds like a really stressful situation. I'm glad she's okay now.

Maybe you and all your friends could have a bit of a read of this factsheet? It's SO important to make sure you drink responsibly, so things like this don't happen.

Take care.


Re: Sculling

Oh no, chuey, that sounds like an awful experience for you and your friend, so sorry you both went through it Smiley Sad

I guess sometimes you learn the hard way, huh. Smiley Frustrated